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Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers Details


This fourth entry in the franchise focuses on Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris), the niece of ubiquitous masked killer Michael Myers (George P. Wilbur). Jamie tries to lead a normal life, but she can't escape the vengeance of her "funny uncle," who once more escapes from the loony bin. The only echo of the original -- and a faint one at that -- is the casting of Donald Pleasence as Dr. Loomis, who manages to get through his "We must stop him!" scenes as if mouthing the words for the first time. Though as predictable as they come, Halloween 4 is at least well acted, directed, and photographed. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:October 21, 1988


Donald Pleasence
as Dr. Loomis
Ellie Cornell
as Rachel Carruthers
Danielle Harris
as Jamie Lloyd
George Wilbur
as Michael Myers
Michael Pataki
as Dr. Hoffman
Beau Starr
as Sheriff Meeker
Kathleen Kinmont
as Kelly
Sasha Jenson
as Brady
Gene Ross
as Earl
Carmen Filpi
as Jack Sayer
Michael Flynn
as Deputy Pierce
Eric Hart
as Orrin
Robert Conder
as Trooper #3
David Jensen
as Man Attendant
Raymond O'Connor
as Security Guard
Michael Ruud
as Big Al
Nancy Borgenicht
as Woman Attendant
Walt Logan Field
as Unger
Richard Stay
as Wade
DonRe Sampson
as State Police
Stephanie Dees
as Girl
Richard Jewkes
as Trooper #4
Jeff Olson
as Richard Carruthers
George Sullivan
as Logan


Moustapha Akkad
Paul Freeman
Larry Rattner
Larry Rattner
Screen Story
Benjamin Ruffner
Screen Story
Alan B. McElroy
Screen Story
Alan B. McElroy
Peter Lyons Collister
John Carpenter
Composer (Music Score)
Alan Howarth
Composer (Music Score)
Curtiss Clayton
Moustapha Akkad
Executive Producer
Nickle Lauritzen
Set Designer
Mark Hopkins Mcnabb
Sound/Sound Designer
Larry Fioritto
Special Effects
Denis L. Stewart
First Assistant Director
Fred Lerner
Paul Bengston
David Cohn
Benjamin Ruffner
Short Story Author
Fred Lerner
Stunts Coordinator
Dhani Lipsius
Short Story Author