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Guns & Talks

  • Runtime: 2 hr. 1 min.
  • Genres: Action Comedy, Crime Thriller, Crime
  • Director:Jang Jin


South Korean filmmaker [[Performer~P302356~Jang Jin~jangjin]] directs the action comedy Killeodeureui Suda, which is given the grammatically questionable English title Guns & Talks. The story involves a group of young attractive hitmen who live in a house together. Sang-yeon ([[Performer~P197825~Shin Hyun-Joon~shinhyunjoon]]) is the leader, Jung-woo ([[Performer~P302313~Shin Ha-kyun~shinhakyun]]) is the demolitions expert, Jae-young ([[Performer~P390718~Jung Jae-yeong~jeongjaeyeong]]) is the sniper, and...more