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The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag Details


[[Performer~P49300~Penelope Ann Miller~penelopeannmiller]]'s delightful performance as the shy, part-time librarian Betty Lou Perkins is the saving grace of this comedy from Touchstone Pictures. Betty Lou is the neglected wife of small-town police detective Alex Perkins ([[Performer~P70425~Eric Thal~ericthal]]). She soon feels even more neglected when Alex can't make their anniversary dinner because he has to investigate a brutal motel room slaying. Taking her dog for a walk, Betty Lou finds a gun by the river's edge that just happens to be the missing murder weapon in Alex's murder investigation. In order to get some attention, she announces that she was the one who committed the murder. Hauled behind bars, Betty Lou gets some quick assertiveness training from her cell-mate, hard-boiled prostitute Reba Bush ([[Performer~P50679~Cathy Moriarty~cathymoriarty]]). She also becomes an instant media celebrity, with crowds clamoring around her and television news reporters elevating her to legendary status. But Alex doesn't believe she committed the murder (she tells him the dead man was her lover) and continues investigating the crime. Her husband is not the only one who's suspicious -- the FBI wants to use her to lure crime lord Beaudeen ([[Performer~P24374~William Forsythe~williamforsythe]]), who they suspect actually committed the murder, out into the open. It turns out the FBI is right; Beaudeen killed the motel room victim because he planned to blackmail him with an incriminating cassette. Beaudeen is convinced that Betty Lou has the tape and musters his forces to get it from her one way or another. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:August 21, 1992


Penelope Ann Miller
as Betty Lou Perkins
Eric Thal
as Alex Perkins
Alfre Woodard
as Ann
Julianne Moore
as Elinor
Andy Romano
as Herrick
Cathy Moriarty
as Reba
William Forsythe
as Beaudeen
Ray McKinnon
as Frank
Xander Berkeley
as Marchat
Michael O'Neill
as Jergens
Christopher John Fields
as Brown
Marisa Miller
as April
M.J. Etua
as Reporter
Ruddy L. Garner
as FBI Wiretapper
Charles Treas
as Old Man
Christine Joyce
as Reporter
Cordell Jackson
as Bathroom Lady
Deborah Spector
as Cashier
Dianna Miranda
as Chiropractor
Don Opper
as Dell
Ellen McElduff
as Joan
Jane Smithwick
as Freckled Girl
Adam Shankman
as Timid Man
Meat Loaf
as Larry
Marian Seldes
as Margaret Armstrong
Bill Mullen
as Officer George
Catherine Keener
as Suzanne
Billy Holcomb
as Farmer
Reathel Bean
as Bob Barnes
Red West
as Judge
Barry Hannah
as Court Clerk
Barton Segal
as Barton
Bernard Canepari
as Mayor
Kay McDuffie
as Perm
Ann Fisher-Wirth
as Young Matron
Laura Boenheim
as Autograph Girl
Lesha Campbell
as Teenage Girl
Margaret Graham
as Perm
Mark Magill
as Glen
Merrill Healy
as Gary
Nash Germany
as Teenage Boy
Ralph Braseth
as Reporter
Paul Bates
as Officer Finney
Billie Neal
as Gail
Suzanne Kent
as Townsperson
Jeff O'Haco
as Bar Fighter
Faye Grant
as Charleen
Frank Welker
as Scarlet
Gale Mayron
as Pearl
Amanda Zenil
as Radical Girl


Allan Moyle
Robert W. Cort
Charles Minsky
Douglas Axtell
Musical Direction/Supervision
G. Marq Roswell
Musical Direction/Supervision
Janice Hampton
Erica Huggins
Michael Corenblith
Production Designer
David J. Bomba
Art Director
Cynthia Sherman
Ira Halberstadt
Robert W. Cort
Executive Producer
Ted Field
Executive Producer
Lori Rowbotham
Set Designer
Merideth Boswell
Set Designer
Lisa Jensen
Costume Designer
Suzanne Smith
Elizabeth Shelton
Assistant Costume Designer