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Grumpy Old Men Details


This cheerful holiday comedy, a surprise box office smash, featured a generous dollop of raunchy, crude humor and was greatly elevated by the presence of masterful performers in the lead roles. Jack Lemmon is John Gustafson, an ice-fishing Minnesota native who has been feuding with his neighbor and former best friend Max Goldman (Walter Matthau) for decades. The battle of wills between John and Max is characterized by crude name calling and harmless practical jokes. Max is unaware that John is having serious problems, chiefly that his daughter Melanie (Daryl Hannah) is experiencing marital woes and that his house is about to be confiscated by an officious IRS agent (Buck Henry). When it seems that John and Max may finally put aside their childish rivalry, however, sexy new neighbor Ariel (Ann-Margret) arrives and dates both men, pitting them against each other more fiercely than ever before. Despite their mutual loathing, the death of a friend, John's problems, and a budding romance between Max's son Jacob (Kevin Pollak) and Melanie may force the two old friends to reconcile. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

  • Release date:December 25, 1993


Jack Lemmon
as John Gustafson
Walter Matthau
as Max Goldman
as Ariel Truax
Burgess Meredith
as Grandpa Gustafson
Daryl Hannah
as Melanie Gustafson
Kevin Pollak
as Jacob Coldman
Ossie Davis
as Chuck
Buck Henry
as Elliott Snyder
Christopher McDonald
as Mike
Sharon Howard-Field
Steve Cochran
as Weatherman
Joe Howard
as Pharmacist
Isabell Monk
as Nurse
Buffy Sedlachek
as Punky
John Carroll Lynch
as Moving Man
Ollie Osterberg
as Fisherman
Isabell Monk
as Nurse
John Carroll Lynch
as Moving Man
Steve Cochran
as Weatherman
Joe Howard
as Pharmacist
Buffy Sedlachek
as Punky


Donald Petrie
Richard C. Berman
Mark Steven Johnson
Johnny E. Jensen
Alan Silvestri
Composer (Music Score)
Bonnie Koehler
David Chapman
Production Designer
Mark Haack
Art Director
Darlene K. Chan
Associate Producer
Dan Kolsrud
Executive Producer
Clay Griffith
Set Designer
Lisa Jensen
Costume Designer
Randy Suhr
First Assistant Director
Elizabeth Shelton
Assistant Costume Designer
Kevin Bartnof
Foley Artist