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Grosse Pointe Blank Details


Most people have trouble deciding what to say when they're asked what they've been doing with their lives at a High School reunion, but Martin Blank (as played by [[Performer~P16329~John Cusack~johncusack]]) has a different problem than most -- he has to make his career sound less interesting than it actually is. Martin is a former CIA operative who is now a freelance hit man, making good money for killing people he doesn't know. However, Martin's game has been a bit off lately; he's no longer happy in his work, and both his secretary Marcella ([[Performer~P16328~Joan Cusack~joancusack]]) and his psychiatrist, Dr. Oatman ([[Performer~P79913~Alan Arkin~alanarkin]]), who is more than a bit nervous about having a hired assassin as a patient, think that Martin should accept an offered assignment in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, his old home town, which would conveniently coincide with his ten year high school reunion. While in Grosse Pointe, Martin discovers that his high school sweetheart, Debi Newberry ([[Performer~P199950~Minnie Driver~minniedriver]]), is still living in town, and still holds a grudge against him for standing her up on prom night. While Martin tries to sort out his past and tie up loose ends with Debi (whom he still loves), he discovers someone in Grosse Pointe is out to kill him; he's also confronted by the highly unstable Mr. Grocer ([[Performer~P80282~Dan Aykroyd~danaykroyd]]), a fellow hit man who wants Martin to join forces with him and form a union and isn't keen on taking no for an answer. Grosse Pointe Blank was a pet project for star [[Performer~P16329~John Cusack~johncusack]], who co-wrote the screenplay and also served as co-producer. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:April 11, 1997


John Cusack
as Martin Blank
Minnie Driver
as Debi Newberry
Dan Aykroyd
as Mr. Grocer
Alan Arkin
as Dr. Oatman
Joan Cusack
as Marcella
Hank Azaria
as Steven Lardner
Jeremy Piven
as Paul Spericki
Barbara Harris
as Mary Blank
Jenna Elfman
as Tanya
Pat O'Neill
as Nathaniel
Bobby Bass
as assassins
Ann Cusack
as Amy
K. Todd Freeman
as Ken McCullers
Brent Armitage
as Cosmo
Carlos Jacott
as Ken
Colby French
as Bartender
D.V. DeVincentis
as Dan Koretsky
Doug Dearth
as Eckhart
Eva Rodriguez
as nurse
Jackie Rubin
as Marie
K.K. Dodds
as Tracy
Laurence Bilzerian
as assassins
Michael Cuditz
as Bob Destepello
Mitchell Ryan
as Bert Newberry
Pete Antico
as Assassin #3
Audrey Kissel
as Arlene
Belita Moreno
as Mrs. Kinetta
Steve Pink
as Terry Rostand
Benny Urquidez
as Felix La PuBelle
Traci Dority
as Jenny Slater
Wendy Thorlakson
as Melanie The Waitress
Bill Cusack
as Waiter


George Armitage
Susan Arnold
Donna Arkoff Roth
John Cusack
Steve Pink
Tom Jankiewicz
Screen Story
Tom Jankiewicz
D.V. DeVincentis
Jamie Anderson
Joe Strummer
Composer (Music Score)
Brian Berdan
Stephen Altman
Production Designer
Scott Meehan
Art Director
Steve Pink
John Cusack
Jonathan Glickman
Executive Producer
Lata Ryan
Executive Producer
Eugenie Bafaloukos
Costume Designer
Josh King
First Assistant Director
Junie Lowry-Johnson
Ron Surma