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Gross Anatomy is to medical school what was to law school, with perhaps a little less sobriety. Matthew Modine plays the blue-collar Joe Slovak, who's attending a posh school of medicine where everyone -- teacher and student alike -- seems to be well above his social stratum. Perhaps as a reaction to the snobbery all around him, he behaves as irreverently as possible. Neither his teacher Dr. Rachel Woodruff (Christine Lahti) nor his lab partner, Laurie Rorbach (Daphne Zuniga), finds Joe's what-the-hell act appealing, but both are fully aware that he is a talented young man with a brilliant future. The climax of the film lays it on pretty thick in defining Joe as an all-around good fellow despite his cheekiness (he even delivers a baby just before taking his finals!), but Gross Anatomy strives successfully to be a "feel-good" movie -- albeit brought ever so slightly down to earth by the death of one of the principal characters. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:October 20, 1989


Matthew Modine
as Joe Slovak
Daphne Zuniga
as Laurie Rorbach
Christine Lahti
as Dr. Rachel Woodruff
Todd Field
as David Schreiner
John Scott Clough
as Miles Reed
Alice Carter
as Kim McCauley
Robert Desiderio
as Dr. Banks
Zakes Mokae
as Dr. Banumbra
J.C. Quinn
as Papa Slovak
Rutanya Alda
as Mama Slovak
Michael Flanagan
as Lecturing Professor
Diane Robin
as Waitress
O. Laron Clark
as Food Server
Bruce Beatty
as Kelly
Judith Weiner
John Petlock
as Interviewing Professor
Don Perry
as Lecturing Professor
Gordon Clapp
as Doctor
Lisa Zane
as Luann
Elizabeth Gilliam
as Nina McCauley
Angus MacInnes
as Dean Torrence
John Short
as Resident
Alison Taylor
as Cynthia Wilkes
Pola del Mar
as Gang Member's Mother
Frank Torres
as Gang Member
Beth Hogan
as Marie
Russell Bobbitt
as Gunshot Victim
Charles Fleischer
Brandis Kemp
as Aunt Rose
Jack Murdock
as Old Patient
Bill E. Rogers
as Cop
Clyde Kusatsu
as Interviewing Professor
Kimberly Scott
as Nurse Louise
Ryan Cash
as Frankie Slovak
Scott Allan Campbell
as Ed McCauley
Susanne Goldstein
as Student
Rick Goldman
as Truck Driver
Tom Kurlander
as Student
J. Patrick McNamara
as Interviewing Professor
Kay Kuter
as Lecturing Professor
Jan Munroe
as Interviewing Professor
Michael Stoyanov
as Joel Cleaver
Steven Culp
as Jerry Fanning Forrester
Max Perlich
as Ethan Cleaver


Thom Eberhardt
Thom Eberhardt
Alan Jay Glueckman
Alan Jay Glueckman
Screen Story
Stanley Isaacs
Screen Story
Ron Nyswaner
Martyn Burke
Zvi Howard Rosenman
Zvi Howard Rosenman
Screen Story
Mark Spragg
Mark Spragg
Screen Story
Steve Yaconelli
David Newman
Composer (Music Score)
Bud Smith
Scott Smith
Debra Hill
Zvi Howard Rosenman
Carol Baum
Executive Producer
Sandy Gallin
Executive Producer
Catherine Mann
Set Designer
Lauren Polizzi
Set Designer