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Gremlins 2: The New Batch Details


Where the original was a horror film spiked with comedy, Gremlins 2: The New Batch is essentially a black comedy, with a couple of horrifying touches. As the film starts, the fantastical trinket shop in Chinatown, which sold the Mogwai in the first film, is demolished by a crazed multi-media businessman called Daniel Clamp (John Glover). The heroes from the first movie, Billy (Zach Galligan) and Kate (Phoebe Cates), happen to work for Clamp in his huge high-rise. They find the Mogwai within Clamp's building, but not before he has accidentally spawned legions of mischievous, lizard-like Gremlins. Soon, the Gremlins are wreaking havoc throughout the building. In the original film, their misdeeds were violent, but here they're also goofy and satirical. Director Joe Dante has filled the film with quick verbal and visual jokes, which, for many, makes Gremlins 2: The New Batch a satire and inversion of the typical horror film. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

  • Release date:June 15, 1990


Zach Galligan
as Billy Peltzer
Phoebe Cates
as Kate Beringer
John Glover
as Daniel Clamp
Robert Prosky
as Grandpa Fred
Robert Picardo
as Forster
Christopher Lee
as Dr. Catheter
Haviland Morris
as Marla Bloodstone
Jackie Joseph
as Sheila Futterman
Gedde Watanabe
as Katsuji
Keye Luke
as Mr. Wing
Kathleen Freeman
as Microwave Marge
Howie Mandel
as Gizmo
Tony Randall
as "Brain" Gremlin
Don Stanton
as Martin
Dan Stanton
as Lewis
Raymond Cruz
as Messenger
Hulk Hogan
as Himself
Paul Bartel
as Theater Manager
John Astin
as Janitor
Henry Gibson
as Fired Employee
Kenneth Tobey
as Projectionist
Page Hannah
as Tour Guide #1
Jason Presson
as Yogurt Jerk
Leonard Maltin
as Himself
Dick Butkus
as Himself
Bubba Smith
as Himself
Jerry Goldsmith
as Yogurt Customer
Charles Haas
as Casper
Dale Swann
as Surveillance Supervisor
Heather Haase
as Yogurt Jerk
Eric Shawn
as TV Reporter
John Capodice
as Fire Chief
Archie Hahn III
as Forster's Technician
Kristi Witker
as TV Anchor in Bar
as News-stand Lady
Jeff Swanson
as Forster's Assistant
Belinda Balaski
as Movie Theater Mom
Anthony Winters
as Hallway Employee
Isiah Whitlock, Jr.
as Fireman
Michael Sheehan
as Special Vocal Effects
Leslie Neale
as Forster's Technician
Sarah Lilly
as Reporter in Lobby
Ron Fassler
as Forster's Technician
May Quigley
as Hallway Employee
Rick Ducommun
as Security Guard
Michael Salort
as TV Reporter
Dean Norris
as Swat Team Leader
Kirk Thatcher
as Gremlins
Vladimir Bibic
as Taxi Driver
Diane Sainte-Marie
as TV Reporter at Wing's
Dick Miller
as Murray Futterman
Julia Sweeney
as Lab Receptionist
Lisa Mende
as Yogurt Customer
Gray Daniels
as TV Cameraman
Nicky Rose
as Movie Theater Kid
Liz Pryor
as Tour Guide
Jacque Lynn Colton
as Lady at Elevator
Heidi Kempf
as TV Reporter
Tim Winters
as Forster's Technician
Stephanie Menuez
as Clamp's Secretary
Neil Ross
as Announcer
Frank Welker
as Mohawk
Patrika Darbo
as Yogurt Customer


Joe Dante
Michael Finnell
Charles Haas
Ed Solomon
Clifford Green
Ellen Green
Steve De Jarnatt
Chris Matheson
Richard Outten
Todd Holland
John Hora
Gordon Lightfoot
Oliver Leiber
John Kander
Burt Bacharach
Jeff Beck
Ted Nugent
Featured Music
Alannah Currie
George Gershwin
Featured Music
Johann Sebastian Bach
Featured Music
Murray Mencher
Jerry Goldsmith
Composer (Music Score)
Eddie Cantor
Featured Music
Kent Beyda
James Spencer
Production Designer
Rick Baker
Kathleen Kennedy
Executive Producer
Frank Marshall
Executive Producer
Steven Spielberg
Executive Producer
John H. Anderson
Set Designer
Dawn Snyder
Set Designer
Greg Papalia
Set Designer
Rosanna Norton
Costume Designer
Rick Baker
Special Effects
Chuck Jones
Marion Dougherty
Glenn Daniels
Phil Rawlins
Unit Production Manager
Betty Moos
Assistant to the Director
Warren Hamilton
Sound Editor