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Green Street Hooligans Details


An American abroad is introduced to the heady but dangerous pleasures of violence in this powerful drama from Great Britain. Matt Buckner (Elijah Wood) is a journalism student from America who is expelled from college when his roommate sets him to take the fall after drugs are found in their dorm room. Needing time to sort out what his next move should be, Matt travels to London to visit his sister Shannon (Claire Forlani), who has married British Steve Dunham (Marc Warren). As it happens, Matt arrives at a less than opportune moment, and he ends up spending his first evening in the U.K. with Steve's brother Pete (Charlie Hunnam). Pete hangs out with a "firm" of friends who call themselves "the Green Street Elite" and are passionate fans of the West Ham United football club (Matt quickly discovers calling British football "soccer" is an easy way to get your teeth knocked out). Pete has little use for Matt until the Green Street Elite get into a dust-up with another firm; Matt turns out to be a fierce if inexperienced fighter, and discovers he enjoys the kick of street brawling. Matt is cautiously accepted by Pete and the other members of the firm, and is soon absorbed into the very British world of violent football fandom. But when Pete and his friends learn that Matt studied journalism, they begin to suspect he's a reporter doing an undercover piece on hooliganism, and they set out to teach him an ugly lesson about loyalty. The debut feature film from British director Lexi Alexander, Green Street Hooligans (initially shown simply as Hooligans) was the first film ever to win both the Jury Prize and the Audience Award at the South by Southwest Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:September 9, 2005


Elijah Wood
as Matt Buckner
Charlie Hunnam
as Pete Dunham
Claire Forlani
as Shannon Dunham
Marc Warren
as Steve Dunham
Leo Gregory
as Bovver
Henry Goodman
as Carl Buckner
Geoff Bell
as Tommy Hatcher
Rafe Spall
as Swill
Kieran Bew
as Ike
Ross McCall
as Dave
Francis Pope
as Ned
Christopher Hehir
as Keith
Terence Jay
as VanHolden, Jeremy


Lexi Alexander
Gigi Pritzker
Lexi Alexander
Josh Shelov
Dougie Brimson
Alexander Buono
Christopher Franke
Composer (Music Score)
Paul Trejo
Tom Brown
Production Designer
Ricky Eyres
Art Director
Jon S. Baird
Associate Producer
Lexi Alexander
Executive Producer
Paul Schiff
Executive Producer
Patrick Aluise
Executive Producer
Bill Allen
Executive Producer
Les Honess
Sound/Sound Designer
Mark Egerton
First Assistant Director
Christopher Mann
Musical Performer
Ricky Hernandez
Musical Performer
Terence Jay
Musical Performer