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Drawing inspiration from the true story of a temperamental debate coach who molded the students of a small East Texas college into a formidable team that gave even Harvard's elite squad a run for their money, [[Performer~P74843~Denzel Washington~denzelwashington]]'s The Great Debaters features the director himself as the ambitious educator, and [[Performer~P116578~Forest Whitaker~forestwhitaker]] as the resentful father of a student whose loyalties now lie almost exclusively with his coach. Melvin B. Tolson ([[Performer~P74843~Washington~denzelwashington]]) is the kind of educator who truly recognizes the remarkable power of knowledge. An outspoken Wiley College professor who boldly challenged the discriminatory Jim Crow laws of the 1930s, Tolson's recognizes that his young debate students possess the spark of a new generation. Convinced that they could invoke great change if given the confidence and tools needed to do so, the tireless educator implores his students to take responsibility for the future while furtively attempting to protect them from his clandestine role as an organizer for the Southern Tenant Farmers Union. Chief among Tolson's promising young students is a 14-year-old prodigy named James Farmer, Jr. ([[Performer~P551068~Denzel Whitaker~denzelwhitaker]]). Farmer's father, James Sr. ([[Performer~P116578~Forest Whitaker~forestwhitaker]]), is a renowned scholar and an important presence in the emerging student's life. Yet despite his formidable reputation, James Sr. has not yet learned how to truly harness the power of knowledge through action and assertion. James Jr. has seen the raving effects of racism all around him, and longs to live in a future where no one must be in fear simply because of the color of their skin. Other talented debaters on Tolson's team include fiercely independent student Henry Lowe ([[Performer~P489061~Nate Parker~nateparker]]), and Samantha Brooke ([[Performer~P230850~Jurnee Smollett~jurneesmollett]]) -- the first ever female ever to join the Wiley College debate team. While most educators may not have recognized the remarkable potential of assembling such a disparate team, Tolson's unique vision truly set him apart from the pack as the team begins to experience a series of consecutive victories on their road to challenging Harvard at the National Championships. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:December 25, 2007


Denzel Washington
as Melvin B. Tolson
Forest Whitaker
as James Farmer Sr.
Nate Parker
as Henry Lowe
Jurnee Smollett
as Samantha Booke
Denzel Whitaker
as James Farmer Jr.
Jermaine Williams
as Hamilton Burgess
Gina Ravera
as Ruth Tolson
John Heard
as Sheriff Dozier
Kimberly Elise
as Pearl Farmer
Devyn Tyler
as Helen Farmer
Ritchie Montgomery
as Deputy
Jackson Walker
as Pig Owner
Tim Parati
as Pig Farmer
Justice Leak
as Harland Osbourne
Glen Powell Jr.
as Harvard Debater #1
Brian Smiar
as Harvard Dean
Damien Leake
as Wilson
Gordon Daniels
as Paul Quinn Debate Judge
Donny Boaz
as Oklahoma City College Debater #1
Bonnie Johnson
as Dr. Jennings
Charissa Allen
as Benita
Gary Mathis
as Enormous Man
Fahnlohnee R. Harris
as Clementine
Harold Evans
as William Taylor
J.D. Evermore
as Captain Wainwright
Sharon Jones
as Lila
Kelvin Payton
as Joseph
Southey Blanton
as White Labor Organizer
Michael Mattison
as White Sharecropper #1
Frank Ridley
as Security Guard
Jeremiah Kissel
as Radio Announcer at Harvard Debate
Jack Radosta
as White Man at Lynching
Marcus Brown
as Howard Debater #1
Rhiannon Giddens
as Juke Joint Musician #4
Ahmad Powell
as Fisk Professor
Gregory Nicotero
as Puppeteer
Gino Crognale
as Puppeteer
Michael Deak
as Puppeteer
Alex Diaz
as Puppeteer


Denzel Washington
Oprah Winfrey
Todd Black
Joe Roth
Kate Forte
Robert Eisele
Screen Story
Robert Eisele
Jeffrey Porro
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Philippe Rousselot
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Executive Producer
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Pacific Title
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