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Given the runaway success of , which became the biggest-grossing movie musical of all time, it was all but inevitable that there would be a sequel, and four years later this follow-up brought a new group of kids back to Rydell High. It's 1961, and Stephanie Zinone (Michelle Pfeiffer) is the tough leader of the Pink Ladies, while Michael Carrington (Maxwell Caulfield) is a clean-cut British exchange student. Michael likes Stephanie, but the Pink Ladies' by-laws prevent her from dating guys who aren't members of the T-Birds, their affiliated male gang. However, when a Zorro-like masked avenger on a motorcycle rescues Stephanie from a gang of ill-mannered toughs, she's eager to get to know the hero with the cool wheels. Any guesses as to who he might be? Eve Arden, Sid Caesar, and Dody Goodman return from the first film as members of the Rydell High faculty, while actual '50s teen icons Tab Hunter and Connie Stevens are on board as new members of the staff; Didi Conn as Frenchy is the only one of the students to appear in both movies. Patricia Birch, who served as choreographer on , made her debut as a director on Grease 2; while she's remained active as a choreographer, she hasn't directed again since. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Maxwell Caulfield
as Michael Carrington
Michelle Pfeiffer
as Stephanie Zimone
Adrian Zmed
as Johnny Nogerilli
Christopher McDonald
as Goose McKenzie
Peter Frechette
as Lou Di Mucci
Leif Green
as Davey Jaworski
Maureen Teefy
as Sharon Cooper
Alison Price
as Rhonda Ritter
Pamela Segall
as Dolores Rebchuck
Didi Conn
as Frenchy
Eve Arden
as Ms. McGee
Sid Caesar
as Coach Calhoun
Dody Goodman
as Blanche
Tab Hunter
as Mr. Stuart
Dick Patterson
as Mr. Spears
Connie Stevens
as Ms. Mason
Vernon Scott
as Henry Dickey
Lucinda Dickey
as Girl Greaser
Liz Sagal
as Sorority Girl
Scott Wilder
as Cycle Lord
Matt Lattanzi
as Brad
Steve Holladay
as Cycle Lord
Tom Villard
as Boy Greaser
Eddie Deezen
as Eugene
Richard Epper
as Cycle Lord
Mike Runyard
as Cycle Lord
Dallace Winkler
as Girl Greaser
Brad Jeffries
as Preptone
Dennis Stewart
as Balmudo
Charles McGowan
as Boy Greaser
Dennis Daniels
as Boy Greaser
Andy Tennant
as Boy Greaser


Patricia Birch
Allan Carr
Robert Stigwood
Ken Finkleman
Frank Stanley
Louis St. Louis
Composer (Music Score)
Artie Butler
Composer (Music Score)
Gene Callahan
Production Designer
Neil Machlis
Associate Producer
Bill Oakes
Executive Producer
Lee Poll
Set Designer
Gary Daigler
First Assistant Director
Phil Caplan
Camera Operator
Patricia Birch
Sally Dennison
Del Acevedo
Michael Dennison
Costumes Supervisor