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Director Lawrence Kasdan's Grand Canyon is a gathering of random events, uniting the film's wildly divergent protagonists. Driving home from an LA Lakers game, Mack (Kevin Kline), an immigration attorney, is stranded in an unsavory part of town when his car breaks down. He is rescued from a gang of hoods by Simon (Danny Glover), an African-American tow truck driver, inaugurating a friendship between these two men. Mack offers to repay Simon's kindness by helping his sister (Tina Lifford) find an apartment in a better neighborhood, and by arranging a blind date between Simon and Jane (Alfre Woodard), a friend of Mack's secretary Dee (Mary Louise Parker). Woven into this fabric are the tribulations of Mack's best friend, a pompous exploitation movie producer (Steve Martin), who is later wounded in a robbery similar to the one threatening Mack at the beginning of the film; of Mack's wife Claire (Mary McDonnell), who adopts an abandoned baby, and disenfranchised son Roberto (Jeremy Sisto); and of Simon's nephew (Patrick Malone), who is contemplating joining a street gang. The title is symbolic, referring to the class-imposed chasms which would normally separate the characters. Kasdan co-wrote the screenplay with his wife Meg. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:January 1, 1991


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Meg Kasdan Best Original Screenplay 1991 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Lawrence Kasdan Best Original Screenplay 1991 Nominee


Kevin Kline
as Mack
Danny Glover
as Simon
Steve Martin
as Davis
Mary McDonnell
as Claire
Mary-Louise Parker
as Dee
Alfre Woodard
as Jane
Jeremy Sisto
as Roberto
Tina Lifford
as Deborah
Patrick Malone
as Otis
Deon Sams
as Jimmy
Cora Lee Day
as Woman in Car
K. Todd Freeman
as Wipe
Marley Shelton
as Amanda
Basil Wallace
as Insurance Salesman
Lynn Salvatori
as Woman in Baseball Cap
Candace Mead
as Claire's Baby
Sam H. Ginsburg
as Mr. Menken
Mary Ellen Trainor
as Ms. Green
Christopher M. Brown
as Rotor
Sarah Trigger
as Vanessa
Loren Mead
as Claire's Baby
Paul Short
as Myers's Partner
Randle Mell
as Alley Baron
John Ashby
as Woman's Driver
Jack Kehler
as Steve Fox
Branscombe Richmond
as Ace Cop
Shaun Baker
as Rocstar
Todd Allen
as Myers
Jennifer Shull
Carole Ita White
as Morning Nurse
Georgina Lindsey
as Cathy Fox
Hugh Ross
as Davis's Assistant
Ben McCreary
as Jackson
Kristen Amber
as 2nd Forum Twin
Gary Cervantes
as Watch Robber
Walt Jordan
as Deuce Cop
Jim Morange
as Bus Driver
Jeanne Bates
as Mrs. Menken
Gregg G. Dandridge
as Eddie
Willie C. Carpenter
as Simon's Friend
Henry Kingi
as Skin
Jacqueline Alexandra
as 1st Forum Twin


Lawrence Kasdan
Lawrence Kasdan
Michael Grillo
Charles Okun
Lawrence Kasdan
Meg Kasdan
Owen Roizman
Bill Conti
Composer (Music Score)
James Newton Howard
Composer (Music Score)
Carol Littleton
Meg Kasdan
Associate Producer
Cheryl Carasik
Set Designer
Aggie Guerard Rodgers
Costume Designer
David MacMillan
Sound/Sound Designer
Keith Shartle
Special Effects
Michael Grillo
First Assistant Director
Charles Okun
Production Manager
Alex Funke
Visual Effects
Leonard Engelman