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Go Tell the Spartans Details


Go Tell the Spartans is set in Vietnam during that period in which American troops were euphemistically termed "advisors". Reluctantly dispensing much of that advice is veteran American major Asa Barker (Burt Lancaster). Though he knows what works and what doesn't on the battlefield, Barker is obliged to carry out the go-nowhere policies of the American military brass. His current objective is a woebegone, barely crucial outpost, which he must defend with a handful of green soldiers and end-of-tether Vietnamese militiamen. True to his predictions, the outpost is overwhelmed by the Vietcong, who have something to fight about and are ruthless in their tactics. Before the relief troops can arrive, virtually everyone is senselessly killed, including Barker. The only survivor is Corporal Stephen Courcey (Craig Wasson), a willing draftee whose initial idealism dies along with his comrades. Wendell Mayes adapted Go Tell the Spartans from the novel Wendell Mayes by Daniel Ford. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:June 14, 1978


Burt Lancaster
as Maj. Asa Barker
Craig Wasson
as Corporal Courcey
Marc Singer
as Capt. Al Olivetti
Joe Unger
as Lieutenant Hamilton
Dennis Howard
as Cpl. Abraham Lincoln
David Clennon
as Lt. Finley Wattsberg
Evan Kim
as Cowboy
James Hong
as Corporal Oldman
Ralph Brannen
as Minh's Aide-de-Camp
Clyde Kusatsu
as Col. Minh
Dolph Sweet
as Gen. Harnitz
Tad Horino
as One-Eyed Charlie
Denice Kumagai
as Butterfly
Mark Carlton
as Capt. Schlitz


Ted Post
Mitchell Cannold
Wendell Mayes
Harry Stradling, Jr.
Dick Halligan
Composer (Music Score)
Millie Moore
Jack Senter
Art Director
Jesse Corallo
Associate Producer
Ron Dawson
Costume Designer
Bill Randall
Sound/Sound Designer
Michael Kane
First Assistant Director