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Good Day for a Hanging Details


The Springdale, NE, bank is held up and robbed by a well organized gang. One of the members is Eddie Campbell (Robert Vaughn), a onetime resident of the town and orphan who was brought up in part by Ben Cutler (Fred MacMurray), an ex-lawman-turned-rancher. While pursuing the robbers, the town marshal, Hiram Cain (Emile G. Meyer), is shot dead by Campbell, who in turn is wounded and captured by Cutler. The town council appoints Cutler as temporary marshal, and the prosecution seems like an open-and-shut case -- he begins to see signs of trouble when his own daughter Laurie (Joan Blackman), who was raised with Campbell and was once his sweetheart, refuses to believe that he's guilty of the crime. Ben's fiancée, Ruth (Maggie Hayes), also feels the boy deserves leniency, but the real trouble starts when Campbell's attorney, William Selby (Edmon Ryan), shows up; he first tries to compromise the jury pool by ingratiating himself with the asking the townspeople what we would now call "push" questions, about Campbell's being an orphan and a hard-luck case all of his life, under the guise of building his case. He's also just clever enough at the trial to shake the testimony of the five other witnesses to the shooting, but Cutler's testimony is enough to put the jury into the guilty column. Then Campbell starts working on the sympathy of Laurie and the townspeople who've been persuaded by his lawyer -- it's also been a long time since there's been a capital case like this in the state, and Cutler discovers that the townspeople and even the law may not be as ready to execute a killer as common sense says they should be. Cutler's and Ruth's romance is jeopardized, and he is pushed to the point of resigning when matters come to an explosive head. ~ Bruce Eder, Rovi


Fred MacMurray
as Ben Cutler
Robert Vaughn
as The Kid
Joan Blackman
as Laurie Cutler
James Drury
as Paul Ridgely
Kathryn Card
as Molly Cain
Bing Russell
as George Fletcher
Russell Thorson
as Landers
Denver Pyle
as Moore
Howard McNear
as Olson
Rusty Swope
as Midge
Harry Lauter
as Matt Fletcher
Gregg Barton
as Frank
Michael Garth
as Pike
William Fawcett
as Farmer
Paul Donovan
as Citizen
William Baskin
as Man
Ed Hinton
as Citizen
Tom London
as Farmer
Robert Bice
as Griswald


Nathan Juran
Charles H. Schneer
Dan Ullman
Henry Freulich
Jerome Thoms