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GoldenEye Details


Pierce Brosnan made his first appearance as James Bond in this action thriller, the 17th in the series (excluding the 1967 Casino Royale and the 1983 Never Say Never Again) featuring the suave British super-agent. As the story begins, Agent 007 and his partner, Agent 006 (Sean Bean), pull a daring raid on a chemical weapons plant in the Soviet Union; however, they are captured by Russian troops, and while Bond is able to escape, 006 is not so lucky. Several years later, the Soviet Union and the Cold War are a thing of the past, but Bond is still at work ferreting out evildoers everywhere. Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen), a beautiful but vicious villain working with the Russian Mafia, spearheads the theft of the controls to GoldenEye, a high-tech satellite weapons system, and with her gunmen, she kills most of the soldiers and guards at a top-secret military facility in the process. Bond joins forces with Natalya Simonova (Izabella Scorupco), one of the base's few survivors, to help track down Onatopp's minions and the controls to GoldenEye, which can destroy all electronic circuits in a given area in a matter of seconds; however, in time, Bond discovers the true identity of the criminal mastermind who is behind this bid for unholy power and world domination -- none other than Alec Trevelyan, the man Bond once knew as 006. In addition to Brosnan, GoldenEye also marked another significant cast change for the Bond series -- Judi Dench made her debut as M, Bond's superior. Minnie Driver also has a cameo as a nightclub singer. Sadly, this was the last film in the Bond series for special-effects supervisor Derek Meddings, who died in the midst of production; the film was dedicated to him. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:November 17, 1995


Pierce Brosnan
as James Bond
Sean Bean
as Alec Trevelyan
Izabella Scorupco
as Natalya Simonova
Famke Janssen
as Xenia Onatopp
Joe Don Baker
as Jack Wade
Judi Dench
as M
Peter Majer
as Valentin's Bodyguard
Desmond Llewelyn
as Q
Serena Gordon
as Caroline
Billy Mitchell
as Admiral Chuck Farrel
Minnie Driver
as Irina
Alan Cumming
as Boris Grishenko
Robbie Coltrane
as Valentin Zukovsky
Gottfried John
as Gen. Ourumov
Ravil Isyanov
as MIG Pilot
Tchéky Karyo
as Dimitri Mishkin
Samantha Bond
as Moneypenny
Michael Kitchen
as Bill Tanner
Trevor Byfield
as Train Driver
Constantine Gregory
as Computer Store Manager


Martin Campbell
Michael G. Wilson
Barbara Broccoli
Kevin Wade
Bruce Feirstein
Michael France
Screen Story
Jeffrey Caine
Arthur Wooster
Harvey Harrison
Phil Meheux
Eric Serra
Composer (Music Score)
The Edge
Nellee Hooper
Musical Direction/Supervision
Terry Rawlings
Peter Lamont
Production Designer
Neil Lamont
Art Director
Kathrin Brunner
Art Director
Andrew Ackland-Snow
Art Director
Anthony Waye
Associate Producer
Tom Pevsner
Executive Producer
Lindy Hemming
Costume Designer
Chris Corbould
Special Effects
Gerry Gavigan
First Assistant Director
Arthur Wooster
First Assistant Director
Tina Turner
Simon Crane
Debbie McWilliams
Don Lusher
Musical Performer
Linda de Vetta