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Golden Earrings Details


Based on a novel by Yolanda Foldes, this confusing romantic adventure concerns a love affair and international espionage. Told in flashback, British officer Ralph Denistoun (Ray Milland) recounts the story to American journalist Quentin Reynolds. Before WWII, British Intelligence officers Ralph and Richard (Bruce Lester) were held captive by Nazis who wanted to know about Prof. Otto Krosigk's (Reinhold Schunzel) secret formula. Ralph and Richard escape, deciding to look for Krosigk separately with the plan to meet up again in Stuttgart. Then Ralph meets gypsy woman Lydia (Marlene Dietrich) in the forest. She disguises him, gives him golden earrings to wear, and leads him through the forest. Ralph eventually fights the gypsy leader Zoltan (Murvyn Vye) and wins his respect. He joins the band of gypsies and heads to Stuttgart where he meets Richard and reads the horrible fate in his palm. He then meets Krosigk, who gives him the secret formula. He is then able to escape, but promises to return for Lydia. The story ends with Lydia and Ralph meeting again in the forest after the war is over. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, Rovi


Ray Milland
as Col Ralph Denistoun
Marlene Dietrich
as Lydia
Murvyn Vye
as Zoltan
Dennis Hoey
as Hoff
Reinhold Schünzel
as Prof. Otto Krosigk
Ivan Triesault
as Maj. Reimann
Maynard Holmes
as Private
Henry Rowland
as Peiffer
Fred Nurney
as First Agent
Howard Mitchell
as Naval Officer
Leslie Denison
as Miggs
George Sorel
Henry Guttman
as Peasant
Caryl Lincoln
as Farmer's Wife
Gordon Arnold
as Gypsy Boy
Otto Reichow
as Agent
Henry Vroom
as S.S. Guard
Frederick Giermann
as Sergeant
John Dehner
as S.S. Man
Martha Bamattre
as Wise Old Woman
Mitchell Leisen
Roberta Jonay
as Peasant Girl
Gordon Richards
Arno Frey
as Major
Eric Feldary
as Zweig
Larry Simms
as Page Boy


Mitchell Leisen
Harry Tugend
Abraham Polonsky
Frank R. Butler
Daniel L. Fapp
Jay Livingston
Victor Young
Composer (Music Score)
Alma Macrorie
Hans Dreier
Art Director
Grace Gregory
Set Designer
Sam Comer
Set Designer
Gordon Jennings
Special Effects
Wally Westmore