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Gold of the Seven Saints Details


Director Gordon M. Douglas specializes in comedy and action films, and here he puts the two genres together for a generally successful, well-acted chase drama. Two partners, Jim (Clint Walker) and Shawn (Roger Moore) have had the good fortune to find a gold fortune, but just after their strike, they end up in serious trouble. Word of their newfound status gets out to the wrong people, and before they have any time to cash in their chips and retire, they are running like the wind from a variety of money-grubbing marauders whose only goal in life is to return Jim and Shawn to their original impoverished state. As the chase heads toward a climactic moment, everything builds up to a convenient, if unconvincing conclusion. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi


Clint Walker
as Jim Rainbolt
Roger Moore
as Shaun Garrett
Leticia Roman
as Tita
Robert Middleton
as Gondora
Chill Wills
as Doc Gates
Gene Evans
as McCracken
Roberto Contreras
as Armanderez
Art Stewart
as Ricca


Leonard Freeman
Leonard Freeman
Steve Frazee
Book Author
Joseph Biroc
Folmar Blangsted
Stanley Fleischer
Art Director