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Going in Style Details


Joe ([[Performer~P9701~George Burns~georgeburns]]), Al ([[Performer~P11090~Art Carney~artcarney]]), and Willie ([[Performer~P68625~Lee Strasberg~leestrasberg]]) are three senior citizens who share a small apartment in New York City. They live off social security checks and spend their days sitting on a park bench, reading newspapers, feeding pigeons, and fending off obnoxious children. It's a dull life, and finally Joe is driven to suggest something radical to break the monotony; why not go on a stick up? None of them have a criminal history (though Joe claims he "did some stealing during the war"), but just planning the bank robbery puts a new spring in their step. Al surreptitiously borrows some pistols from the collection of his nephew, Pete ([[Performer~P29837~Charles Hallahan~charleshallahan]]), and the trio, disguised with novelty [[Performer~P46156~Groucho Marx~grouchomarx]]-style glasses, pulls off their heist to the tune of 35,000 dollars. Unfortunately, the excitement is too much for Willie, who suffers a fatal heart attack the same day. At his funeral, Joe and Al decide to give the bulk of the dough to Pete and his family, and attempt to blow the rest of it on a whirlwind excursion to Las Vegas. Meanwhile, the eccentric robbery has become a colorful news story for the media and the police are closing in on the amateur criminals. ~ Fred Beldin, Rovi


George Burns
as Joe
Art Carney
as Al
Lee Strasberg
as Willie
Charles Hallahan
as Pete
Tito Goya
as Gypsy Cab Driver
Pamela Payton-Wright
as Kathy
Bob Maroff
as Cab Driver
Mark Margolis
as Prison Guard
Jean Shevlin
as Mrs. Fein
Paul L. Smith
as Radio Announcer
Anthony Call
William Pabst
as Bank Guard
Karen Montgomery
as Hooker
Tony di Benedetto
as Prison Guard
Reathel Bean
as FBI Agent
James Manis
as Hot Dog Vendor
Mary Testa
as Teller
Christopher Wynkoop
as Bank Manager
Betty Bunch
as Cashier
Margot Stevenson
as Store Cashier


Martin Brest
Fred T. Gallo
Tony Bill
Martin Brest
C. Timothy O'Meara
Robert Swink
Stephen Hendrickson
Production Designer
Gary Weist
Art Director
Leonard Gaines
Executive Producer
Herb Mulligan
Set Designer
James J. Sabat
Sound/Sound Designer