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God Bless America Details


Writer/director Bobcat Goldthwait skewers everything that's wrong with contemporary American culture in this firebomb satire about a disillusioned middle-aged man who embarks on a violent crime spree with a cynical teenage girl. Fed up with his selfish neighbors, fired from his soul-sucking job, and depressed at the infrequency of visits with his bratty young daughter, 45-year-old divorcé Frank (Joel Murray) prepares to end it all after being diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor. Just as Frank is about to pull the trigger, however, he has a sudden flash of inspiration: Before he takes his own life, he'll do the world a big favor and permanently silence the loudmouthed teenage star of a popular reality-television show. After witnessing the clumsy execution firsthand, high-school misfit Roxy (Tara Lynne Barr) convinces Frank to continue his bloody mission of cultural cleansing with her as his sidekick. In no time, Frank and Roxy are leaving a trail of bodies in their wake, and making headlines across the country. But all good things must come to an end, and when their partnership hits an unexpected hitch, Frank draws up plans to go out with a final bang. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:May 11, 2012


Joel Murray
as Frank
Tara Lynne Barr
as Roxy
Melinda Page Hamilton
as Alison
Rich McDonald
as Brad
Maddie Hasson
as Chloe
Larry Miller
as Chloe's Dad
Dorie Barton
as Chloe's Mom
Travis Wester
as Ed
Aris Alvarado
as Steven Clark
Jamie Harris
as American Superstarz Host
Alexie Gilmore
as Morning Show Host
Brendalyn Richard
as Karen
Geoffrey Pierson
as Frank's Boss
Tom Kenny
as Office Staff
Eliza Coyle
as Office Staff
Jill Talley
as Office Staff
Joe Liss
as Office Staff
Bryce Johnson
as Co-Worker
Leslie Noble
as Medical Building Woman
Regan Burns
as Michael Fuller
Bruce Nozick
as TMI Host
Tom Lenk
as Party Planner #1
Jack Plotnick
as Party Planner #2
Morgan Murphy
as Fast Food Employee
Naomi Glick
as Girl Who Doesn't Get Shot in Movie Theater
Carson Aune
as Boy Who Gets Shot in Movie Theater #2
Toby Huss
as Man with Cell Phone Who Gets Shot
Christopher Allen Nelson
as Trooper
Mo Gaffney
as Singing Waitress
David Mendenhall
as Roxy's Father
Steve Agee
as American Superstarz Crew Member
Christopher Doyle
as America Superstarz Security Guard Who Gets Shot
Michael Carbonaro
as Robbie Barkley
Paul Eliopoulos
as Reverend Goran
Mike Tristano
as Shady Gun Dealer
Lon Gowan
as Audience Member Who Runs and Doesn't Get Shot
Samantha Droke
as Chloe's BFF
Hunter Hamilton
as Dancer
Brad Rowe
as Angry Protestor


Bobcat Goldthwait
Sean McKittrick
Bobcat Goldthwait
Bradley Stonesifer
Linda Cohen
Musical Direction/Supervision
Jason Stewart
Natalie Sanfilippo
Production Designer
Jason Stewart
Jim Goldthwait
Edward H. Hamm, Jr.
Executive Producer
Sarah de Sa Rego
Costume Designer
Michael Breines
First Assistant Director
Ruth Lambert
Robert McGee
Joshua Falcon
Post Production Supervisor
Mike Tristano
Thomas Tannenberger
Visual Effects Executive Producer