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Gladiator is the kind of boxing movie that goes that extra mile -- a self-loathing boxing saga that relishes in bare-knuckled sucker punches, illegal eye-rubs, and gentlemen boxers who obey the Marquis of Queensbury rules by drop-kicking opponents when the are not only down but unconscious. James Marshall plays Tommy Riley, a Windy City high school student conned into participating in the illegal underground boxing arenas of the South Side of Chicago. In high school, Tommy was a prize boxer, and this skill comes in handy when his Father (John Heard) runs up a large gambling debt. When a sleazy boxing manager (Robert Loggia) spots Tommy defending himself during recess, he offers him quick money to box. Tommy, although he hates the sport, readily agrees, thinking his winnings will help his father pay off his debts. He quickly comes under the thumb of unscrupulous boxing promoter Horn (Brian Dennehy), who is involved in fight-fixing and dirty fighting. Manipulating the odds and exploiting his boxers make Horn rich and more venal. In the rancid environment, Tommy befriends another fighter, Lincoln (Cuba Gooding Jr.), a black fighter who sees fighting as his way out of poverty. Inevitably, Horn arranges for the two friends to duke it out in the ring together. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:March 6, 1992


Cuba Gooding, Jr.
as Lincoln
James Marshall
as Tommy Riley
Robert Loggia
as Pappy Jack
Ossie Davis
as Noah
Brian Dennehy
as Jimmy Horn
Cara Buono
as Dawn
John Heard
as John Riley
Lance Slaughter
as Shortcut
T.E. Russell
as Spits
Francesca Roberts
as Miss Higgins
Debra Sandlund
as Charlene
Chilton Shellito
as Bettor
Harve Kolzow
as Timekeeper
Derek Anunciation
as Teen in Classroom
Marctwaine Nettles-Bey
as Teen in Classroom
Laura Whyte
as Millie
Debra Stipe
Kevin M. Casey
as Collector
Tony Gios
as Bookie
Mike Nussbaum
as Doctor
Virgil Strauss
as 2nd Referee
Desi Singh
as Bookie
John M. Watson, Sr.
as Hospital Patient
Raul Salinas
as Teen in Classroom
Johnny Lira
as Bookie
Mik Scriba
as 1st Referee
Richard Lexsee
as Father in Park
Anthony Fitzpatrick
as Collector
James "Ike" Eichling
as Cop on Take
Tab Baker
as Storm Trooper
John Wilson
as 3rd Referee
Amanda Mackey-Johnson
Jill Kiblinger
as Teen in Diner
Hector Pena
as Tommy's Opponent
Patrick Outlaw
as Lincoln's Opponent
Jena Wynn
as Laura Lee
Blake Dollard
as Heavyweight Fighter
Johnny Bellino
as Dawn's Father
Vonte Sweet
as Tidbits
Jon Seda
as Romano
Joan Schwenk
as Secretary
Michael Glienna
as Black Death Corner Man
David Burton
as Bettor
Antoine Roshell
as Scarface
Tak Fujimoto


Rowdy Herrington
Frank Price
Stephen J. Roth
Robert Mark Kamen
Lyle Kessler
Nicholas Kazan
Djordje Milicevic
Brad Fiedel
Composer (Music Score)
Jerry Goldsmith
Composer (Music Score)
Glenn Williams
Musical Direction/Supervision
Harry B. Miller III
Peter Zinner
Kenneth Utt
Production Designer
Gregg Fonseca
Production Designer
Jay R. Hart
Set Designer
Jim Nickerson