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A Girl in a Million Details


Feminists beware! This blatantly sexist comedy may definitely raise a few hackles as it tells the story of a recently divorced inventor who becomes a scientist for the War Office to escape women, especially overtalkative, nagging ones like his ex-wife. Unfortunately, his female-free peace is disturbed when an American colonel and his mute daughter, who stopped speaking after a terrifying torpedo attack during a visit to Blighty, comes to work there. The inventor finds the quiet lassie utterly charming and so marries her. Unfortunately, soon afterward, the girl suffers another shock and begins talking again. Now it seems as if she is trying to make up for lost time and this drives the insensitive inventor crazy. They have a big fight and she ends up running away. Unfortunately, she is pregnant and so later agrees to return and never speak when he is around. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi


Hugh Williams
as Tony
Joan Greenwood
as Gay Sultzman
Naunton Wayne
as Fotheringham
Wylie Watson
as Peabody
Hartley Power
as Col. Sultzman
Yvonne Owen
as Molly
Garry Marsh
as General
Edward Lexy
as Policeman
Julian D'Albie
as Dr. Peters
Aubrey Mallalieu
as Judge
Eileen Joyce
as Pianist
John Salew
Michael Hordern
Jane Hylton
as Nurse
Basil Radford
as Prendergast
Johnny Olson


Sydney Box
Sydney Box
Muriel Box
Reginald Wyer
Bert Mason