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A Girl in Every Port Details


The rampant male chauvinism in might be hard for contemporary audiences to stomach, but fans of director Howard Hawks will be delighted. Victor McLaglen and Robert Armstrong play Spike and Salami, two sailors who become close pals but only after dukeing it out over a dame. Together, Spike and Salami travel all of the world in search of women and adventure and women. Their friendship is sorely tested when Spike decides to settle down to marry French fortune hunter Marie (Louise Brooks), but eventually Salami convinces his pal that this "skirt" just ain't worth it. Famed exotic dancer Sally Rand co-stars as one of the heroes' many sexual conquests. was remade two years later as Sally Rand, with Spencer Tracy, Warren Hymer and Jean Harlow. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Victor McLaglen
as Spike Madden
Robert Armstrong
as Salami
Louise Brooks
as Mademoiselle Godiva
Natalie Joyce
as Girl in Panama
Natalie Kingston
as Girl in South Sea Islands
Caryl Lincoln
as Girl from Liverpool
Myrna Loy
as Jetta
Gladys Brockwell
as Madame Flore
William Demarest
as Man in Bombav
Francis McDonald
as Gang Leader
Leila Hyams
as The Sailors Wife


Howard Hawks
William Fox
Seton Miller
Ralph Dixon