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When wealthy Ballin Mundson (George Macready) rescues down at his heels gambler Johnny Farrell (Glenn Ford) and invites him to the Buenos Aires casino he owns, both men get more than they wagered on. Farrell convinces Mundson to hire him as casino manager, but is shocked when Mundson introduces his new bride, and Farrell's old flame, Gilda (Rita Hayworth).Though Farrell is unwavering in his loyalty to his employer, and he and Gilda treat each other with contempt, Mundson realizes that the torch never died for either of the former lovers. Ordered to guard Gilda, Farrell tries to convince himself that he's protecting Mundson's interests, but Gilda sees through his self-deception. Meanwhile, Mundson reveals to Farrell that his primary business is control of an international tungsten cartel that he plans to use to further his fascist ends. With the police closing in on the cartel, Mundson fakes his death, apparently leaving Gilda and Farrell free to marry. They do so: Gilda for love, but Farrell to punish her for being unfaithful to Mundson. When Mundson returns to kill them, it is he who dies, thereby freeing the lovers to apologize to each other and return to the U.S. [[Performer~P115410~Charles Vidor~charlesvidor]]'s Gilda is a voyeuristic film noir treat that engages the viewer in a complex web of sado-masochistic triangles. When, for example, Gilda performs her signature number, "Put the Blame on Mame," she is not simply enraging both Mundson and Farrell with her open sexuality, she is also crying out in pain for the love she is being denied. ~ Steve Press, Rovi

  • Release date:February 15, 1946


Rita Hayworth
as Gilda Mundson
Glenn Ford
as Johnny Farrell
George Macready
as Ballin Mundson
Joseph Calleia
as Obregon
Steven Geray
as Uncle Pio
Joe Sawyer
as Casey
Gerald Mohr
as Capt. Delgado
Ludwig Donath
as German
Donald Douglas
as Thomas Langford
Lionel Royce
as German Agent
George Lewis
as Huerta
Erno Verebes
as Dealer
Jean del Val
as Man
Ralph Navarro
as Waiter
Philip Van Zandt
as Man
Robert Tafur
as Clerk
John Merton
as Policeman
Eugene Borden
as Dealer
Herbert Evans
as Englishman
Alfred Paix
as Waiter
George Sorel
as Assistant croupier
Ernest Hilliard
as Man
Alphonse Martell
as Croupier
Jack Chefe
as Assistant croupier
Argentina Brunetti
as Woman
Robert Stevens
as Man at Masquerade
Fernanda Eliscu
as Bendolin's wife
John Tyrrell
as Bits
Sam Ash
as Gambler
Carli Elinor
as Waiter
Forbes Murray
as American
Joseph Palmas
as Waiter
Sam Flint
as American
Albert Pollet
as Assistant croupier
Frank Leyva
as Argentine
Leon Lenoir
as Croupiers
Ted Hecht
as Social citizen
Lew Harvey
as Policeman
Eduardo Ciannelli
as Bendolin
Ruth Roman
as Bit Part
Cosmo Sardo
George Humbert
as Italian


Charles Vidor
Virginia van Upp
Marion Parsonnet
Joe Eisinger
Rudolph Maté
Marlin Skiles
Musical Direction/Supervision
Hugo W. Friedhofer
Composer (Music Score)
Morris W. Stoloff
Musical Direction/Supervision
Doris Fisher
Composer (Music Score)
Stephen Goosson
Art Director
Van Nest Polglase
Art Director
Robert Priestley
Set Designer
Jean Louis
Costume Designer
Lambert Day
Sound/Sound Designer