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The Giant Claw Details


Scientist Mitch McAfee (Jeff Morrow) cannot convince anyone that an enormous bird, evidently here from outer space, has arrived on Earth and is grabbing planes from the sky, gobbling up the passengers and crew. However, the bird (The Claw) eventually makes its presence more that adequately known, as it begins to attack people more openly. But the giant bird is surrounded by a kind of force field, making all weapons useless on it. Mitch finds its nest and blows holes in its colossal egg, infuriating The Claw, which heads south, destroying the United Nations building on its way. Mitch struggles to find a way to penetrate the anti-matter shield around The Claw. This would have been an ordinarily bad movie of its type, with a good performance by Jeff Morrow, if the special effects had been industry standard for the time. That, however, is not what happened. The Claw is not just badly rendered, it is hilariously rendered, resembling nothing so much as Warner Bros. cartoon-character Beaky Buzzard. Once seen, you will never forget this awesomely silly creation. ~ Bill Warren, Rovi


Jeff Morrow
as Mitch MacAfee
Mara Corday
as Sally Caldwell
Morris Ankrum
as Lt. Gen. Edward Lewis
Edgar Barrier
as Dr. Noyman
Robert Shayne
as Gen. Ben Penner
Lou Merrill
as Pierre Broussard
Clark Howat
as Maj. Sperling


Fred Sears
Sam Katzman
Samuel Newman
Paul Gangelin
Ben Kline
Mischa Bakaleinikoff
Musical Direction/Supervision
Mischa Bakaleinikoff
Composer (Music Score)
Anthony DiMarco
Paul Palmentola
Art Director
Sidney Clifford
Set Designer
Josh Westmoreland
Sound/Sound Designer
Ralph Hammeras
Special Effects
Leonard Katzman
First Assistant Director