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Ghostbusters II Details


[[Performer~P107926~Ivan Reitman~ivanreitman]]'s sequel to the phenomenally successful [[Feature~V19671~Ghostbusters~ghostbusters]] is looser and more self-assured than the original. The film opens with a title reading "Five Years Later" and finds the ghostbusters living in hard times. A restraining order has forbidden the boys to partake in paranormal warfare, and as a result they have had to seek other lines of work. Ray ([[Performer~P80282~Dan Aykroyd~danaykroyd]]) and Winston ([[Performer~P33733~Ernie Hudson~erniehudson]]) spend their time performing at children's' birthday parties, and Egon ([[Performer~P107494~Harold Ramis~haroldramis]]) is busy conducting experiments investigating the effect of human emotions on the environment, leaving ghostbusting behind. Venkman ([[Performer~P103861~Bill Murray~billmurray]]) and Dana ([[Performer~P75144~Sigourney Weaver~sigourneyweaver]]) have split up. Venkman now hosts a local cable show called "The World of the Psychic." Dana, now divorced and the mother of a little baby named Oscar, works as an art restorer in a museum -- and this is where the plot kicks in. While Dana is restoring a portrait of a 16th-century tyrant by the name of Vigo the Carpathian, the portrait becomes hexed. The evil Vigo wants to return to life by taking over the body of Dana's little child. Vigo has enlisted Dana's boss, Janosz Poha ([[Performer~P44305~Peter MacNicol~petermacnicol]]), to compel Dana to cooperate. Soon dirty sludge and slime flow through the streets of Manhattan, and the ghostbusters have to reunite to save the city from a funky paranormal evil. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:June 16, 1989


Bill Murray
as Peter Venkman
Dan Aykroyd
as Raymond Stantz
Sigourney Weaver
as Dana Barrett
Harold Ramis
as Egon Spengler
Rick Moranis
as Louis Tully
Ernie Hudson
as Winston Zeddmore
Peter MacNicol
as Janosz Poha
David Margulies
as Mayor of New York
Wilhelm von Homburg
as Vigo
Harris Yulin
as Judge
Kurt Fuller
as Hardemeyer
Janet Margolin
as Prosecutor
Cheech Marin
as Dock Supervisor
Judy Ovitz
as Slimed Restaurant Patron
Michael P. Moran
as Frank, the Doorman
Olivia Ward
as Meter Maid
Tom Dugan
as Restaurant Cop
Ron Cummins
as Police Lieutenant
Mordecai Lawner
as Man with a Ticket
Sharon Kramer
as Stenographer
Page Leong
as Spengler's Assistant
Alex Zimmerman
as Detective
Jason Reitman
as Brownstone Boy
Ralph Monaco
as Police Sergeant
Peter Papageorgiou
as Spectator
Catherine Reitman
as Girl with Puppy
Ben Stein
as Public Works Official
Mary Ellen Trainor
as Brownstone Mother
Chloe Webb
as Venkman's Talk Show Guest (uncredited)
George Wilbur
as Bailiff
Dave Florek
as 1st Cop
Ray Glanzmann
as Detective
Yvette Cruise
as Maria, Dana's Maid
Valery Pappas
as Arguing Couple
Robert Alan Beuth
as Store Manager
Louise Troy
as Woman with Fur Coat
Walter Flanagan
as Rudy, the Museum Guard
Douglas Seale
as Plaza Hotel Man
Erik Holland
as Fire Commissioner
Bobby Brown
as Mayor's Doorman
Aaron Lustig
as Norman, the Producer
Brian Doyle-Murray
as Psychiatrist
Annie Potts
as Janine Melnitz
John Hammil
as Detective
Robert Ditillio
as Spectator
Christopher Villasenor
as Brownstone Boy
Susan Boehm
as Young Woman on Crutches
Philip Baker Hall
as Police Commissioner
Richard Foronjy
as Con Ed Supervisor
Kevin Dunn
as Venkman's Talk Show Guest (uncredited)


Ivan Reitman
Ivan Reitman
Dan Aykroyd
Harold Ramis
Michael Chapman
Randy Edelman
Composer (Music Score)
Donn Cambern
Sheldon Kahn
Sheldon Kahn
Associate Producer
Gordon A. Webb
Associate Producer
Joe Medjuck
Executive Producer
Bernie Brillstein
Executive Producer
Rick Heinrichs
Set Designer
Greg Papalia
Set Designer
Cheryl Carasik
Set Designer
Gloria Gresham
Costume Designer
Dennis Muren
Special Effects
Dick Wood
Special Effects
Joe Day
Special Effects
Charles Gaspar
Special Effects
Jammie Friday
Joel Kramer
Michael Chinich
Stephen Abrums