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Ghost in the Machine Details


A serial killer is transformed into a computer virus out to destroy more than your hard drive in this sci-fi thriller. Terry Munroe (Karen Allen), a single mother, is looking for a gift for her boss and visits a computer store, where one of the employees demonstrates a hand-held scanner than can transfer the information from her address book into a software program that will store the information on her PC. Unknown to Terry, one of the employees of the store is Karl Hochman (Ted Marcoux), known in the press as "The Address Book Killer," who likes to steal other people's address books and murder all the people listed within, including the book's owner. Terry accidentally leaves her book behind at the store, and Karl lifts it, but as he drives to her house to strike her off the list first, he is injured in a serious accident and taken to a hospital. While Karl is being given a CAT scan, lightning strikes the building and Karl is transformed into a series of electrical impulses that can travel as computer code from one system to another, or as current through power lines. Soon Terry begins to suspect something is wrong as her friends succumb to attacks by microwave ovens, hot-air blowers, and other household objects. Terry and her computer-savvy son, Josh (Wil Horneff), realize that they're at risk after Karl appears in Josh's virtual reality games; it's up to Bram Walker (Chris Mulkey), a brilliant hacker-turned-computer maintenance technician, to isolate and destroy the Karl virus before it can kill again. The film's soundtrack features such hip-hop stars as D-Nice and Too Short, Schoolly-D, Grandmaster Slice, and Kool Moe Dee. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:December 29, 1993


Karen Allen
as Terry Munroe
Chris Mulkey
as Bram Walker
Ted Marcoux
as Karl Hochman
Wil Horneff
as Josh Munroe
Jessica Walter
as Elaine
Rick Ducommun
as Phil
Brandon Adams
as Frazer
Nancy Fish
as Karl's Landlord
Jack Laufer
as Elliott
Shevonne Durkin
as Carol
Chris Ellis
as Lieutenant
Mimi Lieber
as Marta
Walter Addison
as Veteran Cop
Richard McKenzie
as Frank Mallory
Alix Koromzay
as Punk Girl
Matthew Glave
as Rookie Cop
Michael LaGuardia
as Cop
Rick Scarry
as Newsman
Edwina Moore
as Newswoman
Don Opper
as Man in Office
Mickey Gilbert
as Mickey the Driver
Nigel Gibbs
as Detective
Charles Haugk
as Cop
John Miller
as Frank Mallory
Ken Thorley
as Salesman
Carlease Burke
as Woman Cop
Haunani Minn
as Nurse
Zack Phifer
as Priest
Richard Schiff
as Scanner Technician
Charles Stranski
as Cop at Police Station
Dom Magwili
as Doctor
Clayton Landey
as Mel


Rachel Talalay
Paul Schiff
Aron Warner
William Davies
William Osborne
Phil Meheux
Graeme Revell
Composer (Music Score)
Janice Hampton
Erica Huggins
Ira Shuman
Production Designer
James Spencer
Production Designer
William Davies
Barry Sabath
William Osborne
Isis Mussenden
Costume Designer
Mickey Gilbert
Debra Zane