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Gammera the Invincible Details


One of the most fearsome of the Japanese monsters to hit the screen in the early 60's makes his debut in sci-fi thriller. As tensions between America and the Soviet Union rise to a fever pitch, U.S. troops shoot down a Russian bomber which is flying low in an Arctoc region. The bomber crashes, and its payload of hydrogen bombs explode upon impact. The blast releases and awakens Gamera, a gigantic fire-breathing turtle which had been frozen under the ice since prehistoric times. The newly revived monster makes his way to Tokyo, Japan, where he begins to lay waste to the city. As emminent scientist Dr. Hidaka (Eiji Funakoshi) searches for a way to defeat the monster, a young boy named Yoshiro (Yoshiro Unchida) develops an unlikely friendship with Gamera. For the film's American release, additional scenes were added featuring U.S. actors Brian Donlevy and Albert Dekker. The spelling of the monster's name was also changed; he's Gammera with two M's in this movie, but just Gamera in the sequels which followed. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:December 15, 1966


Albert Dekker
as Secretary of Defense
Brian Donlevy
as Gen. Terry Arnold
Diane Findlay
as Sgt. Susan Embers
John Baragrey
as Capt. Lovell
Dick O'Neill
as Gen. O'Neill
Harumi Kiritachi
as Kyoke
Yoshiro Uchida
as Toshio
Michiko Sugata
as Nobuyo
Yoshiro Kitahara
as Sakurai
Jun Hamamura
as Dr. Murase
Steffen Zacharias
as Senator Billings
Gene Bua
as Lt. Clark
Mort Marshall
as Jules Manning
Junichiro Yamashita
as Aoyagi
Louis Zorich
as Russian Ambassador
Alan Oppenheimer
as Dr. Contrare


Yonejiro Saito
Yonejiro Saito
Fumi Takahashi
Nobuo Munekawa
Wes Farrell
Tatsuji Nakashizu
Hank Aldrich
Art Director