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Gabriel Over the White House Details


In 1933, at the height of the bleakness and desperation of the Depression, MGM released this genuine curiosity piece -- directed by comedy (!) director [[Performer~P84502~Gregory La Cava~gregorylacava]] -- concerning a Warren G. Harding-like partisan hand-shaker President of the United States who, after seeing a vision, revokes the Constitution, becomes a reigning dictator, and solves all of the nation's problems. [[Performer~P34142~Walter Huston~walterhuston]] plays Judson Hammond, recently elected President of the United States, who treats his elected office as a joke and acts as a dispenser of Party favors. But after an automobile accident, he sees the Archangel Gabriel, who inspires him to declare himself dictator. His first line of business after his conversion is to fire his Cabinet. This leads to impeachment proceedings, but Hammond enters the Senate chamber and takes over the Congress. He then tackles unemployment by meeting with John Bronson ([[Performer~P40244~David Landau~davidlandau]]), the leader of masses of marching unemployed men. When gangster Nick Diamond ([[Performer~P27763~Henry C. Gordon~henrycgordon]]) and his goons assassinate Bronson, Hammond uses his brown-shirted storm troopers to blast their way into Diamond's headquarters and blow him away. The President then intimidates the leaders of countries that owe money to the United States to pay their debts then forces them to disarm and pledge world peace. Hammond rapidly becomes the most popular fascist President in United States history. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:March 31, 1933


Walter Huston
as Hon. Judson Hammond
Karen Morley
as Pendola Molloy
Franchot Tone
as Hartley Beekman
Arthur Byron
as Jasper Brooks
Dickie Moore
as Jimmy Vetter
David Landau
as John Bronson
Claire Du Brey
as Nurse
William Pawley
as Borell
Walter Walker
as Secretary of War
John Davidson
as Foreign Diplomat
Spencer Charters
as Vice President
Guy Usher
as General
Jean Parker
as Alice Bronson
Henry Kolker
as Sen. Langham
Samuel S. Hinds
as Dr. H.L. Eastman
Mischa Auer
as Theesen, Reporter
Robert E. O'Connor
as Inspector


Gregory La Cava
Walter Wanger
Bertram Bloch
Carey Wilson
Bert Glennon
Dr. William Axt
Composer (Music Score)
Basil Wrangell
Cedric Gibbons
Art Director
Costume Designer