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A man who simulates death for a living finds himself unwittingly tied into the real thing in this New York-based suspense drama. Special-effects man Rollie Tyler ([[Performer~P83200~Bryan Brown~bryanbrown]]) makes his living simulating gory mayhem and photogenic violence for movies such as "I Dismember Mama." Tyler is given a chance to expand his professional horizons when he's approached by Lipton ([[Performer~P17606~Cliff De Young~cliffdeyoung]]), who introduces himself as an FBI agent and makes an unusual proposal. Mob kingpin Nicholas DeFranco ([[Performer~P54172~Jerry Orbach~jerryorbach]]) is willing to testify against his fellow gangsters, but the investigators are worried about his safety. Lipton wants Tyler to help him and his staff fake DeFranco's assassination; if everyone is convinced DeFranco is dead, people will be a lot less likely to look for him. Tyler grudgingly takes the assignment, and while he's able to realistically simulate DeFranco being shot in a crowded restaurant, after the "gag," he discovers that he's been double-crossed, and he's wanted for the murder of the man he just "shot." Tyler hides out with his girlfriend, Ellen ([[Performer~P73268~Diane Venora~dianevenora]]), but he realizes that whoever set him up wants him dead after she's killed by a bullet meant for him. With the help of fellow effects artist Andy ([[Performer~P26314~Martha Gehman~marthagehman]]), Tyler goes underground and tries to unravel the truth behind the Lipton murder. Meanwhile, police detective Leo McCarthy ([[Performer~P18601~Brian Dennehy~briandennehy]]) is convinced that something is not right when he's called to the scene of DeFranco's murder and is certain that the dead body is not the gangster. F/X was followed by a sequel, and later a short-lived TV series. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:February 7, 1986


Bryan Brown
as Rollie Tyler
Brian Dennehy
as Leo McCarthy
Diane Venora
as Ellen
Cliff De Young
as Lipton
Mason Adams
as Col. Mason
Jerry Orbach
as Nicholas DeFranco
Joe Grifasi
as Mickey
Martha Gehman
as Andy
Roscoe Orman
as Capt. Wallenger
Trey Wilson
as Lt. Murdoch
Tom Noonan
as Varrick
James Lovelett
as McCoy
Jean de Baer
as Whitemore
Jim Cordes
as Capt. Watts
Joe Pentangelo
as Police Officer
John Doumanian
as The Director
Josie de Guzman
as Marisa Velez
Marvin Beck
as Medical Examiner
M'eL Dowd
as Miss Joyce Lehman
Michael Fischetti
as State Police Chief
Patrick Stack
as Sgt. Littauer
Paul D'Amato
as Gallagher
Ray Iannicelli
as Charlie
Tim Gallin
as Adams
Bernie Friedman
as Bum
Yolanda Lloyd
as Receptionist
Angela Bassett
as TV Reporter
James Pickens, Jr.
as Ambulance Driver
James Babchak
as State Trooper
Christopher Curry
as Mitchell
Christopher McHale
as State Trooper
Drummond Erskine
as Boat House Guard
Ed Crowley
as Ballistics Expert
George Kodisch
as Capt. Tolosa
Gerald Campbell
as Doctor
Gibby Brand
as 1st Reporter


Robert Mandel
Jack H. Wiener
Dodi Fayed
Gregory Fleeman
Robert T. Megginson
Miroslav Ondrícek
Bill Conti
Composer (Music Score)
Harry Rabinowitz
Musical Direction/Supervision
Terry Rawlings
Mel Bourne
Production Designer
Speed Hopkins
Art Director
Michael Peyser
Executive Producer
Steven Jordan
Set Designer
Julie Weiss
Costume Designer
John Stears
Special Effects
Al Griswold
Special Effects
Ken Ornstein
First Assistant Director
Thomas A. Reilly
First Assistant Director
Tom Priestley Jr.
Camera Operator
Pete Antico
Charlie Picerni
Alixe Gordin
Carl Fullerton
Makeup Special Effects