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Six guys with nothing left to lose try losing their clothing for fun and profit in this international hit comedy. Gaz (Robert Carlyle) and Dave (Mark Addy) are two former steelworkers in the British industrial town of Sheffield who have been devastated by the economic downturn in their community. Gaz is threatened with losing visitation rights with his son if he can't pay his child support, while Dave feels emasculated by his inability to support his wife. One day, Gaz stops by a local pub for a drink and is told it's women only tonight -- the Chippendales male exotic dancing troupe is playing, and they are demanding a hefty cover charge. Gaz decides there's nothing a bunch of pantywaists from America can do that he and his pals can't do better, and decides to form his own crew of male strippers, called "Hard Steel." However, the local talent pool leaves a bit to be desired. Gaz isn't bad looking, but Dave is a bit heavy and very self conscious about it. Horse (Paul Barber) was probably hot stuff at Soul Night in the mid-70's, but his joints don't move like they used to. Guy (Hugo Speer) can't dance to save his life, but makes the troupe because ... well, let's say he and Dirk Diggler would have a lot to say to each other. Lomper (Steve Huison) is sometimes too busy attempting suicide to practice. And Gerald (Tom Wilkinson), their choreographer, isn't much on male exotic dancing -- ballroom dancing is more his speed. While "Hard Steel"'s performances are more amusing then enticing, for the first time since they lost their jobs the men have a reason to get up in the morning; joining the group has given them a circle of friendship, and a renewed sense of purpose. Combining broad comedy with believable and well-drawn characters, The Full Monty was a major box-office hit both in England and the United States and was nominated for Academy Awards as Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:August 13, 1997


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Anne Dudley Best Musical or Comedy Score 1997 Winner
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Simon Beaufoy Best Original Screenplay 1997 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Uberto Pasolini Best Picture 1997 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Peter Cattaneo Best Director 1997 Nominee


Robert Carlyle
as Gaz
Tom Wilkinson
as Gerald
Mark Addy
as Dave
Lesley Sharp
as Jean
Emily Woof
as Mandy
Steve Huison
as Lomper
Hugo Speer
as Guy
William Snape
as Nathan
Andrew Livingstone
as Terry
Vinny Dhillon
as Sharon
Kate Layden
as Bee
Joanna Swain
as Sheryl
Kate Rutter
as Dole Clerk
June Broughton
as Lomper's Mum
Glenn Cunningham
as Police Inspector
Chris Brailsford
as Duty Sergeant
Steve Garti
as Policeman
Malcolm Pitt
as Job Club Manager
Dennis Blanch
as Director
Daryl Fishwick
as Social Worker
David Lonsdale
as Repossession Man
Muriel Hunt
as Horses's Mum
Fiona Watts
as Beryl
Theresa Maduemezia
as Horses's Sister
Fiona Nelson
as Horse's Sister


Peter Cattaneo
Uberto Pasolini
Simon Beaufoy
John DeBorman
Anne Dudley
Composer (Music Score)
Nick Moore
David Freeman
Chris Roope
Art Director
Paul Bucknor
Polly Leys
Lesley Stewart
Associate Producer
Jill Taylor
Costume Designer
Alistair Crocker
Sound/Sound Designer
Ian Rowley
Special Effects
David Gilchrist
First Assistant Director
David Worley
Camera Operator
Suzanne Grand
Susie Figgis
Terry Forrestal
Stunts Coordinator
Christine Blundell
Christine Blundell
Hair Styles