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Frogtown 2 Details


This bargain-basement budgeted sci-fi horror movie pays a kind of tribute to 1930s sci-fi serials such as "King of the Rocket Men." It is set just after the Frog Wars of the preceding film [[Feature~V22052~Hell Comes to Frogtown~hellcomestofrogtown]] (1988). Following that terrible battle, the Froggie mutants were placed on the special Frogtown Mutant Reservation. The story begins as the leader of Frogtown, Zar abducts Professor Tanzer and forces him to perfect a terrible serum that will turn the Earth's remaining population into croaking, fly-eating amphibians. Zar then sends out an android version of Commander Toady (a character who died in the first film) to bring in some subjects to test. Toady's first catch is the muscle-bound Rocket Ranger Jones who is injected by the lovely Nurse Cloris. To save Jones from a terrible fate, fellow rocketeers send out the courageous Ranger Sam Hell to save them. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi


Robert Z'Dar
as Sam Hell
Don Stroud
as Brandy Stone
Brion James
as Professor Tanzer/Zar
Linda Singer
as Nurse Cloris
Ken Davitian
as Bud
Rhonda Shear
as F.U.Z.Z.Y.
Charles Napier
as Captain Delano
Lou Ferrigno
as Ranger John Jones


Donald G. Jackson
Scott Pfeiffer
Donald G. Jackson
Tanya York
Screen Story
Donald G. Jackson
Chris Roth