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Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives Details


This impressive entry in the popular horror series brings back the relentless killer Jason Voorhees, this time as a supernatural zombie. Tommy Jarvis, now played by Thom Matthews, accidentally resurrects Jason when he impales the killer's corpse with a metal pole during a lightning storm. Numerous murders follow, beginning with Tommy's friend (Ron Palillo) having his heart torn out of his chest by the zombie killer. Implicated in the crimes by a mean-spirited sheriff (David Kagen), Tommy is freed from jail by the sheriff's daughter, spunky Megan (Jennifer Cooke). The cast converges on Camp Crystal Lake, which has been renamed "Camp Forest Green" by superstitious locals, in time for Tommy to send Jason back to the bottom of the lake, if only temporarily. Harry Manfredini's score is among his best, and the makeup by Martin Becker, Gabe Bartalos, R. Chris Biggs, and others is outstanding. Cooke makes an appealing heroine as Megan, although Matthews' Tommy has lost the interesting mental disturbances of previous entries and becomes just another bland hero. Tom McLoughlin's direction is effective, and the film has a memorably funny supporting turn by Bob Larkin as a grumpy drunken caretaker. Alice Cooper sings the title song, "He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)." Although no classic, this is a solid horror film with a witty script and engaging characters. Jason would rise again to face a telekinetic teen in the disappointing Alice Cooper. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi

  • Release date:August 1, 1986


Jennifer C. Cooke
as Megan
David Kagen
as Sheriff Garris
Rene Jones
as Sissy
Kerry Noonan
as Paula
Darcy de Moss
as Nikki
Tom Fridley
as Cort
C.J. Graham
as Jason
Vincent Guastaferro
as Dep. Rick Cologne
Tony Goldwyn
as Darren
Ron Palillo
as Allen Hewes
Tommy Nowell
as Tyen
Sheri Levinsky
as Bus Moniter
Ann Ryerson
as Katie
Nancy McLaughlin
as Lizbeth
Justin Nowell
as Billy
Courtney Vickery
as Nancy
Matthew Faison
as Stan
Roger Rose
as Steven
Whitney Rydbeck
as Roy
Alan Blumenfeld
as Larry
Bob Larkin
as Martin
Thom Matthews
as Tommy
Michael Nomad
as Thornton
Wallace Merck
as Burt
Cynthia Kania
as Annette


Tom McLoughlin
Don Behrns
Tom McLoughlin
Jon Kranhouse
Alice Cooper
Harry Manfredini
Composer (Music Score)
Kane Roberts
Bruce Green
Joseph T. Garrity
Production Designer
Pat Tagliaferro
Art Director
Frank Mancuso, Jr.
Executive Producer
Jerie Kelter
Set Designer
Maria Mancuso
Costume Designer
Martin Becker
Special Effects
Martin Walters
First Assistant Director
Diane Hetfield
Lonnie R. Smith, Jr.
James Thornton
Sound Mixer
Pamela Basker
Fern Champion
Jonas Thaler
First Assistant Editor
Cathy Gesualdo
Second Assistant Director
Debra Rubinstein
Casting Associate
Bill Foertsch
Makeup Special Effects
Daniel Aguar
Michael Nomad
Stunts Coordinator
Blake Leyh
Supervising Sound Editor