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French Twist Details


In this French comedy, a man discovers that he has something unexpected in common with his wife -- they're both involved with another woman. Loli ([[Performer~P156~Victoria Abril~victoriaabril]]) is a woman of Spanish blood married to a French businessman, Laurent ([[Performer~P189001~Alain Chabat~alainchabat]]). Loli is not especially happy as a housewife, though she'd likely be even less happy if she knew that her husband is chronically unfaithful and has had a string of mistresses. Laurent, on the other hand, is convinced that his wife isn't the type who would never have an affair, and what she doesn't know won't hurt her. One day, a truck breaks down in front of Loli's home, and Marijo ([[Performer~P3492~Josiane Balasko~josianebalasko]]) asks to use their phone. Marijo is a gruff-looking lesbian who works as a plumber; as it happens, Loli has a stopped-up sink, so in exchange for using the phone, Marijo gets Loli's drain back in working order. Soon Loli and Marijo are getting to know each other a bit better, and Loli discovers that she's powerfully attracted to her new visitor. Marijo becomes Loli's bedmate and a permanent guest at the house, which is more than a bit perplexing to Laurent, but after he accidentally reveals his infidelities to Loli, he's not in much of a position to pass judgement. [[Performer~P3492~Josiane Balasko~josianebalasko]], who plays Marijo, is also the film's director and co-screenwriter. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:January 12, 1995


Awarded by
French Academy of Cinema Telsche Boorman Best Screenplay 1995 Winner
French Academy of Cinema Josiane Balasko Best Screenplay 1995 Winner


Victoria Abril
as Loli
Josiane Balasko
as Marijo
Alain Chabat
as Laurent
Ticky Holgado
as Antoine
Catherine Hiegel
as Dany
Catherine Samie
as The Prostitute
Maureen Diot
as Cristelle
Miguel Bose
as Diego, the Young Man
Katrine Boorman
as Emily Crumble
Catherine Lachens
as Sopha, the Boss
Michèle Bernier
as Solange


Josiane Balasko
Pierre Grunstein
Telsche Boorman
Josiane Balasko
Gerard de Battista
Claudine Merlin
Carlos Conti
Production Designer
Claude Berri
Executive Producer
Carlos Conti
Set Designer
Fabienne Katany
Costume Designer
Dominique Hennequin
Sound/Sound Designer
Pierre Lenoir
Sound/Sound Designer
Didier Lavergne