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Ron (Jon Blake), a young man in his late teens or early 20s, but emotionally younger, has no visible, employable assets, including the ability to articulate, yet he rails at his status in life -- blaming everyone for the fact that his dreams are not coming true. Actually, his main dream is driving down the highway in a Porsche with a sophisticated woman in the passenger seat -- and in this dream, an ominous-looking black limousine just ahead of him starts swerving back and forth and finally dives off the edge of a cliff. In order to fulfill his fantasy, he steals a Porsche and takes off down the road. While on his joy ride, he stops at a roadside eatery and meets the errant Sally, who is on her way to retrieve her baby from a pair of foster parents. The two set off together, and nothing at all goes their way -- Sally fails in her mission, Ron runs down a policeman then has to get rid of Sally and devise some way to escape the law -- now after him in force. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi


Jon Blake
as Ron
Candy Raymond
as Annie
Charles "Bud" Tingwell
as Cassidy
Max Cullen
as Factory Clerk
Chris Haywood
as Phil
Greg Rowe
as Service Station Attendant
Rob Steele
as Used Car Salesman
Judy Dick
as Waitress
Reg Lye
as Old farmer
Stuart McCreery
as Worker
Paul Sonkkila
as CES offficer
Stuart McCreery
as Worker
Judy Dick
as Waitress
Reg Lye
as Old farmer


Scott Hicks
Matt Carroll
Ron Johanson
Philip Reid
Herbert Pinter
Production Designer