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A drug-addled elephant is on the run from people who either want to help him or kill him in this dark computer-animated comedy that is decidedly not for children. Jimmy is a performing elephant who travels with a third-rate Russian circus run by ringmaster Stromowski (voice of Jim Broadbent). Jimmy's minder is a sleazy American expatriate, Roy Arnie (voice of Woody Harrelson), who keeps the nervous beast pacified with regular doses of heroin. Roy has also hidden a large stash of the drug under Jimmy's skin, but Roy's decided he wants out of circus life and plans to sell the dope and go his own way. However, in order to do that he has to put Jimmy out of his misery, and he recruits three stoner buddies -- Odd (voice of Simon Pegg), Gaz (voice of Phil Daniels) and Flea (voice of Jim Simpson) -- to help whack the elephant. However, it seems Roy is also in debt to some gangsters (voices of Reece Shearsmith, Mark Gatiss and Steve Pemberton) who happen to know that he's hidden the drugs in the elephant, and they're aiming to grab Jimmy before Roy and his pals can. As it happens, they're both beaten to the punch by a group of dim-witted animal rights activists led by Marius (voice of Kyle MacLachlan), who liberate Jimmy and the other circus animals, not realizing they've just sent a junkie pachyderm into the wilds as it's going cold turkey, with only a friendly moose for help. Free Jimmy also features the voice talents of Samantha Morton, Emilla Fox and Lisa Maxwell. Though it was produced in Norway, two versions exist, one with a mostly English-cast (referenced above) and one with a mostly Norwegian cast. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Jan Saelid
as Roy Arnie (Norwegian language version)
Woody Harrelson
as Roy Arnie (English language version)
Simon Pegg
as Odd (English language version)
Anders T. Andersen
as Odd (Norwegian language version)
Phil Daniels
as Gaz (English language version)
Egil Birkeland
as Geir (Norwegian language version)
Jay Simpson
as Flea (English language version)
Kristopher Schau
as Marius (Norwegian language version)
Kyle MacLachlan
as Marius (English language version)
Tinken Laurantzon
as Bettina (Norwegian language version)
Emilia Fox
as Bettina (English language version)
Janne Ronningen
as Lise (Norwegian language version)
Kristin Skogheim
as Sonja (Norwegian language version)
Samantha Morton
as Sonia (English language version)
Kris Marshall
as Erik (English language version)
Mikael Holmberg
as Stromowskij (Norwegian language version)
Jim Broadbent
as Stromowskij (English language version)
James Cosmo
as HudMaSpecs (English language version)
David Tennant
as Hamish (English language version)
Douglas Henshall
as Eddie (English language version)
Reece Shearsmith
as Ante (English language version)
Mark Gatiss
as Jacki (English language version)
Steve Pemberton
as Mattis (English language version)
Megan Dodds
as Claire (English and Norwegian language versions)


Christopher Nielsen
Andy Frain
Håkon Gundersen
Christopher Nielsen
Simon Pegg
Simon Boswell
Composer (Music Score)
Simon Boswell
Musical Direction/Supervision
Hugh Welchman
Associate Producer
Lars Tommerbakke
Associate Producer
Bill Godfrey
Executive Producer
Tinken Laurantzon
Production Manager
Ivar Rodningen
Character Design
Jon Duncan
Production Accountant