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Freaked Details


The manic writing-directing comedy team of Tom Stern and Alex Winter (the latter of Alex Winter and Alex Winter) followed up their deranged short-film collaborations and the short-lived MTV series The Idiot Box with this comic fantasy, which amounts to a virtual car crash of anarchic, mind-blowing weirdness. The brain-damaged plot follows self-centered sitcom actor Ricky Coogin (Winter), official spokesman for the E.E.S. (Everything Except Shoes) corporation, into the jungle-bound South American nation of Santa Flan. Coogin has been sent as an emissary on behalf of E.E.S. to placate the media uproar over a substance called Zygrot-27, a chief ingredient in many E.E.S. products which has been decried as a fatal environmental toxin. Accompanied by his friend Ernie (Michael Stoyanov) and environmental activist Julie (Megan Ward), Ricky takes a detour into the jungle to a bizarre amusement park overseen by bombastic barker/inventor Elijah C. Skuggs (Randy Quaid), who specializes in the display of "Hideous Mutant Freekz" (the film's original title). The trio soon discover that Skuggs manufactures his oddities himself, and they find themselves at the mercy of his hideous freakmaking factory -- which coincidentally uses Zygrot-27 as a catalyst. Once he has the hapless heroes strapped down, Skuggs reveals his intention to transform Coogin into an evil mega-freak who will destroy all the others in a slam-bang, standing-room-only closing event. Miffed at the notion of sustaining an acting career as a spine-covered, pus-gushing monster, Coogin joins a rebellion within Skuggs' captive stable of other man-made freaks -- whose ranks include such monstrosities as effete human worm; a bearded lady (Mr. T in a frilly dress); a man with a sock-puppet for a head (voiced by Bob Goldthwait); and Ortiz the Dog-Boy (an uncredited Keanu Reeves). Their plans to turn Ricky into a zygrot-powered superhero go astray, however, leading to a hilariously apocalyptic finale. Doomed to home-video status by lethargic distribution from Twentieth-Century Fox, this unappreciated gem deserves a second look; packed with hilarious visual gags, ultra-gross setpieces and body-function jokes, Freaked is a hallucinogenic funhouse of a movie. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi


Alex Winter
as Ricky Coogin
Megan Ward
as Julie
Michael Stoyanov
as Ernie
Randy Quaid
as Elijah C. Skuggs
Brooke Shields
as Skye Daley
Mr. T
as Bearded Lady
Alex Zuckerman
as Stuey Gluck
Derek McGrath
as Worm
Don Stark
as Editor
Deep Roy
as George Ramirez #3
David Bowe
as EES Assistant
Bill Sadler
as Dick Brian
Lee Arenberg
as The Eternal Flame
Mary Gail Artz
Ray Baker
as Bill Blazer
Joe Baker
as Prof. Nigel Crump
Patti Tippo
as Rosie the Pinhead
Morgan Fairchild
as Stewardess
Arturo Gil
as Clown
Bobcat Goldthwait
as Sockhead as Tourist/Sockhead
Jaime Cardriche
as Toad
Calvert Deforest
as Larry "Bud" Melman
Barbara Cohen
Eduardo Ricard
as George Ramirez #1
Brian Brophy
as Kevin
Keanu Reeves
as Ortiz the Dog Boy (uncredited)
Joseph S. Griffo
as N. Eye
John Hawkes
as Cowboy


Alex Winter
Stephen Chiodo
Mary Jane Ufland
Harry Ufland
Alex Winter
Ken Arlidge
Jene Omens
Jamie Thompson
Karyn Rachtman
Musical Direction/Supervision
Lee Orloff
Musical Direction/Supervision
Kevin Kiner
Composer (Music Score)
Malcolm Campbell
Catherine Hardwicke
Production Designer
Kim Hix
Art Director
Alex Winter
Mark Worthington
Set Designer
Brian Kasch
Set Designer
Malissa Daniel
Costume Designer
Chris Casady
John Huneck
Camera Operator
Phil Chong
Tony Cecere
Gary Littlejohn
Debby Porter
Deep Roy
Larry Nicholas
Clay Boss
Dennis Ott
Dan Bradley
Eddie Hice
Ginny Nugent
Line Producer
Julie Hewett
Mary Ramos
Music Coordinator