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Fraternity Row Details


This alternately hard-edged and bittersweet drama looks at life on a college campus in the early '50s. Zac Sterling (Gregory Harrison) is a student eager to be accepted at one of the school's fraternities, where the pledges are put through the ritual of "hazing" by sensible Rodger Carter (Peter Fox) and loutish Chuck Cherry (Scott Newman). While Zac's intellectual girlfriend Jennifer Harris (Nancy Morgan) regards the Greek system as discriminatory and elitist, he's eager to belong; but he decides, along with several other pledges, to rebel against the tortures inflicted by the upperclassmen upon the new members of the frat. However, the more the pledges rebel against hazing, the more punishment Chuck inflicts upon them, until finally a prank goes too far and one of the new fraternity brothers winds up dead. Director Thomas J. Tobin was able to bring this polished-looking film in on a remarkably low budget by employing a cast and crew recruited from the graduate film program at the University of Southern California. Scott Newman, who played Chuck, was the son of actor Paul Newman; sadly, he died of a drug overdose within a year of this film's release. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Peter Fox
as Rodger Carter
Gregory Harrison
as Zac Sterling
Nancy Morgan
as Jennifer Harris
Wendy Phillips
as Betty Ann Martin
Robert Emhardt
as Brother Bob Abernathy
Michael J. McAlister
as Arthur
Jim Negele
as Doug
Cliff Robertson
as Narrator
Dean Smith
as Andy
Jim Negele
as Doug
Cliff Robertson
as Narrator
Michael J. McAlister
as Arthur


Thomas J. Tobin
Michael Corner
Composer (Music Score)
James Sbardellati
Art Director
Greg Mellott
Set Designer
Beverly Ihnen
Costume Designer