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Bette Midler stars as a Martha Raye-type entertainer during the World War II era in this big-budget nostalgia piece. Midler plays big-band singer Dixie Leonard, who is chosen to perform at an overseas USO Christmas show by her uncle Art Silver (George Segal), a comedy writer for famed comedian Eddie Sparks (James Caan). Dixie is shuttled to London, where she is thrown on-stage with Eddie, who takes an immediate dislike to her. But her performance is a sensation, and the audience can't stop howling at Dixie's smart one-liner comebacks to Eddie. Dixie is catapulted to stardom, and the repartee between Eddie and Dixie becomes the stuff of legend. The two spar together through World War II, the McCarthy era, and Vietnam. But Dixie stops speaking to Eddie when he fires a writer for being a communist sympathizer and, later, she doesn't speak to him again after he arranges for a reunion between her and her son on the battlefields of Vietnam. Finally, Dixie, now an old woman, is cajoled to appear on a television awards show to reunite with a now decrepit Eddie, age 91. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:November 22, 1991


Awarded by
Hollywood Foreign Press Association Bette Midler Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy 1991 Winner
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Bette Midler Best Actress 1991 Nominee


Bette Midler
as Dixie Leonard
James Caan
as Eddie Sparks
George Segal
as Art Silver
Patrick O'Neal
as Shephard
Chris Rydell
as Danny
Arye Gross
as Jeff Brooks
Brandon Call
as Danny (at 12)
Beverly Ward
as Awards Dinner Dancer
Karen Martin
as Vicki
Joe Mays
Connie Chambers
as 1950s Show Dancer
Melissa Hurley
as 1950s Show Dancer
Maia Winters
as Janie
Esther Jacobs
as Ida Silver
Dori Brenner
as Loretta
Rosemary Murphy
as Luanna Trott
Bruce Gray
as 1st Sponsor
Andy Milder
as Dressing Room Page
William Marquez
as Caretaker
Richard Portnow
as Milt
Fred Parnes
as Jeep Driver
Billy Bob Thornton
as Marine Sergeant
Lynn Stalmaster
Shannon Wilcox
as Margaret Sparks
Maggie Wagner
as Stan's Assistant
Garrison Singer
as Commander at Citadel
Janice Cronkhite
as 1950s Show Dancer
Kirk Hansen
as 1950s Show Dancer
Sal Landi
as Marine Driver
Pattie Darcy
as Myra
James Patrick
as Captain
John O'Leary
as TV Censor
Alan Haufrect
as Technical Director
David Selberg
as Assistant Director
Mark Roberts
as Vice Admiral
David Bowe
as Photographer
Jameson Rodgers
as Danny (at 4)
Marc Poppel
as Corpsman at MASH
Steven Kampmann
as Stan
D. David Morin
as Cameraman
Kelly Noonan
as Merry Sparks
Patrick Whyte
as Audience Airman
Hayley Carr
as Ann Sparks
Amy Rydell
as 1950s Show Dancer
Carey Eidel
as Green Room Page
Jason Iorg
Morgan Ames
as Awards Conductor
Raymond Rodriguez
as Awards Dinner Dancer
Michael Greene
as General Scott
Tita Omeze
as Awards Dinner Dancer
Lada Boder
as Awards Dinner Dancer
Gabe Bologna
as Marine at MASH
Theresa King
as 1950s Show Dancer
Barry Michlin
as Executive Producer
Jack Sheldon
as Wally Fields
Kristy Zlock
as 1950s Show Dancer
Lynnmarie Inge
as 1950s Show Dancer
Jeffrey Weissman
Stewart J. Zully
as T.V. Stage Manager
Ken Molina
as Awards Dinner Dancer
Richardson Morse
as 2nd Sponsor
John Doolittle
as Captain Donelson
Matthew Faison
as 3rd Sponsor
Norman Fell
as Sam Schiff
Bud Yorkin
as Phil
Sheri Norwood
as Awards Dinner Dancer
Leonard Gaines
as Lou Presti
Jerald Vincent
as Awards Dinner Dancer
Jim Raposa
as Dancing Airman
Jody Peterson
as 1950s Show Dancer
Natsuo Tomita
as Awards Dinner Dancer
Susanne Sullivan
as 1950s Show Dancer
Paul Thorpe
as 1950s Show Dancer
John Ruskin
as Marine Who Stops Trucks
Tony Pierce
as Major at Firebase
Robert Clotworthy
as Navy Commander
Tamaki Kawakubo
as Violinist
Andrew Bilgore
as Nervous Production Assistant
Gary Gershaw
as Stage Manager
Kirby Ward
as Awards Dinner Dancer
Richard Hochberg
as Merrill
Thom Adcox
as Wounded Marine
Annie Prager
as Associate Producer
Steven Majewicz
as 1950s Show Dancer
Chris Wilkinson
as Niles LaGuardia
Christopher Kaufman
as Band Person
Beau Dremann
as Army Messenger
Sherlynn Hicks
as Teleprompter Operator
Andrew Lauer
as Corpsman on Battlefield
Melissa Manchester
as Corrine
Xander Berkeley
as Roberts
Arliss Howard
as Husband to Dixie Leonard (uncredited)


Mark Rydell
Mark Rydell
Margaret Jennings South
Bonnie Bruckheimer-Martell
Kathleen Long
Bette Midler
Marshall Brickman
Lindy Laub
Neal Jimenez
Stephen Goldblatt
Dave Grusin
Composer (Music Score)
Jerry Greenberg
Assheton Gorton
Production Designer
Marvin March
Production Designer
Dianne I. Wager
Art Director
Don Woodruff
Art Director
Ray Hartwick
Chris Wilkinson
Associate Producer
Marvin March
Set Designer
Julia Levine
Set Designer
Syd Dutton
Special Effects
Bill Taylor
Special Effects
Alan B. Curtiss
First Assistant Director
Mic Rodgers
Ron Berkeley
Kay Rose
Sound Editor