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The 80-star cast of Forever and a Day would certainly not have been feasible had not most of the actors and production people turned over their salaries to British war relief -- a point driven home during the lengthy opening credits by an unseen narrator. The true star of the film is a stately old manor house in London, built in 1804 by a British admiral ([[Performer~P66369~C. Aubrey Smith~caubreysmith]]) and blitzed in 1940 by one [[Performer~P366810~Adolf Hitler~adolfhitler]]. Through the portals of this house pass a vast array of Britons, from high-born to low. The earliest scenes involve gay blade Lt. William Trimble ([[Performer~P102824~Ray Milland~raymilland]]), wronged country-girl Susan ([[Performer~P52015~Anna Neagle~annaneagle]]), and wicked landowner Ambrose Pomfret ([[Performer~P58546~Claude Rains~clauderains]]). We move on to a comic interlude involving dotty Mr. Simpson ([[Performer~P54506~Reginald Owen~reginaldowen]]), eternally drunken butler Bellamy ([[Performer~P98862~Charles Laughton~charleslaughton]]), and cockney plumbers Mr. Dabb ([[Performer~P93420~Cedric Hardwicke~cedrichardwicke]]) and Wilkins ([[Performer~P96995~Buster Keaton~busterkeaton]]). Maidservant Jenny ([[Performer~P100403~Ida Lupino~idalupino]]) takes over the plot during the Boer War era, while the World War I sequence finds the house converted into a way-station for soldiers (including [[Performer~P16136~Robert Cummings~robertcummings]]) and anxious families (including [[Performer~P78205~Roland Young~rolandyoung]] and [[Performer~P14818~Gladys Cooper~gladyscooper]]). Finally we arrive in 1940, with American Gates Pomfret ([[Performer~P218564~Kent Smith~kentsmith]]) and lady-of-the-house Lesley Trimble ([[Performer~P74804~Ruth Warrick~ruthwarrick]]) surveying the bombed-out manor, and exulting over the fact that the portrait of the home's founder, Adm. Eustace Trimble (Smith), has remained intact -- symbolic proof of England's durability in its darkest hours. The huge cast includes [[Performer~P76079~Dame May Whitty~damemaywhitty]], [[Performer~P33323~Edward Everett Horton~edwardeveretthorton]], [[Performer~P4195~Wendy Barrie~wendybarrie]], [[Performer~P53758~Merle Oberon~merleoberon]], [[Performer~P9129~Nigel Bruce~nigelbruce]], [[Performer~P31194~Richard Haydn~richardhaydn]], [[Performer~P86224~Donald Crisp~donaldcrisp]], and a host of others -- some appearing in sizeable roles, others (like [[Performer~P71674~Arthur Treacher~arthurtreacher]] and [[Performer~P38852~Patric Knowles~patricknowles]]) willingly accepting one-scene bits, simply to participate in the undertaking. Seven directors and 21 writers were also swept up in the project. Forever and a Day was supposed to have been withdrawn from circulation after the war and its prints destroyed so that no one could profit from what was supposed to have been an act of industry charity. Happily for future generations, prints have survived and are now safely preserved. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:March 26, 1943


Merle Oberon
as Marjorie
Brian Aherne
as Jim Trimble
Gladys Cooper
as Mrs. Henry Barringer
Ida Lupino
as Jenny Jones
C. Aubrey Smith
as Adm. Eustace Trimble
Robert Cummings
as Ned Trimble
Claude Rains
as Ambrose Pomfret
Roland Young
as Mr. Barringer
Anna Neagle
as Susan Trenchard Trimble
Ray Milland
as Lieut. William Trimble
Cedric Hardwicke
as Mr. Dabb, the Plumber
Dame May Whitty
as Mrs. Eustace (Lucy) Trimble
Charles Laughton
as Bellamy, Dexter Pomfret's Butler
Jessie Matthews
as Mildred Trimble-Pomfret
Herbert Marshall
as Curate
Ian Hunter
as Dexter Pomfret
Buster Keaton
as Plumber's Helper
Nigel Bruce
as Maj. Garrow
Arthur Treacher
as Sky Watcher (II)
Edmund Gwenn
as Stubbs
Halliwell Hobbes
as Doctor
Montagu Love
as Sir John Bunn
Patric Knowles
as The Son
Elsa Lanchester
as Mamie
Richard Haydn
as Mr. Butcher
Clyde Cook
as Cabby (II)
Kent Smith
as Gates Pomfret
Victor McLaglen
as Archibald Spavin
Ruth Warrick
as Lesley Trimble
Gene Lockhart
as Cobblewick
Reginald Owen
as Mr. Simpson
Edward Everett Horton
as Sir Anthony Trimble-Pomfret
Donald Crisp
as Capt. Martin
Connie Leon
Billy Bevan
as Cabby
Aubrey Mather
Barbara Everest
Alan Edmiston
as Tripp
Alec Craig
as Ambrose, Pomfret's Butler
Daphne Moore
as Nurse
Cecil Kellaway
as Dinner Guest
Wendy Barrie
as Edith Trimble-Pomfret
Eric Blore
as Charles (Sir Anthony's Butler)
Walter Kingsford
as Estate Lawyer
Una O'Connor
as Mrs. Caroline Ismay
Ivan Simpson
as Elderly Bachelor
Joy Harrington
as Bus Conductress
Ethel Griffies
as Wife
Charles Irwin
May Beatty
as Cook
Harry Allen
as Cockney Watcher
June Lockhart
as Girl in Air Raid Shelter
Claud Allister
as Barstow
Clifford Severn
as Nelson Trimble
Anna Lee
as Cornelia Trimble-Pomfret
June Duprez
as Julia Trimble-Pomfret
Odette Myrtil
as Madame Gaby
Emily Fitzroy
as Mrs. Fulcher
Jean Prescott
as ATS Girl
Moyna MacGill
Victor Saville
Evelyn Beresford
Mickey Martin
as Boy
Doris Lloyd
Charlie Hall
Bill Cartledge
as Telegraph Boy
Edmund Goulding
Lumsden Hare
as Fitch
Sara Allgood
as Cook in 1917
Noel Madison
as Mr. Dunkinfield
Robert Coote
as Blind Officer
Mary Gordon
Bernie Sell
as Naval Officer
Isobel Elsom
as Lady Trimble-Pomfret
Ray Bolger
as Sentry
Queenie Leonard
as Housemaid
Herbert Wilcox
Frank Lloyd
Ernest Cossart
as Mr. Blinkinsep
Peter Godfrey
as Mr. Pepperdish
Reginald Gardiner
as Ass't. Hotel Manager
Herbert Evans
as Bobby
Barry Norton
Charles Coburn
as Sir William
Lionel Belmore
as Bits
Dennis Hoey
as Mover


Frank Lloyd
Herbert Wilcox
René Clair
Cedric Hardwicke
Victor Saville
Kent Smith
Edmund Goulding
Robert Stevenson
Robert Stevenson
Edmund Goulding
Victor Saville
Cedric Hardwicke
René Clair
Herbert Wilcox
Frank Lloyd
Charles Bennett
Norman Corwin
Frederick Lonsdale
Peter Godfrey
Sig Herzig
Claudine West
John van Druten
Keith Winter
W.P. Lipscomb
Donald Ogden Stewart
Lawrence Hazard
Gene Lockhart
Emmett Lavery
Christopher Isherwood
Nick Musuraca
Russell Metty
Lee Garmes
Robert de Grasse
Elmo Williams
George Crone
Albert S. D'Agostino
Art Director
Vernon Walker
Special Effects