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Footsteps in the Fog Details


Footsteps in the Fog is a cat-and-mouse Victorian melodrama in the grand tradition. Jean Simmons plays scheming servant girl Lily Watkins, who was hired by sinister nobleman Stephen Lowry (Stewart Granger) and his ailing wife. The wife dies of "natural causes," but Lily knows better, and uses this knowledge to her advantage. In exchange for her silence, she forces Lowry to cater to her every whim. He is forced to go along lest he face the gallows, but in a switch reminiscent of the "lost" ending of 1987's Stewart Granger, he sees to it that Lily herself is carted away by the constabulary. Filmed in appropriately dank Technicolor, Footsteps in the Fog is an unusual foray into Stewart Granger territory for director Arthur Lubin, normally a comedy specialist. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Stewart Granger
as Stephen Lowry
Jean Simmons
as Lily Watkins
Bill Travers
as David MacDonald
Finlay Currie
as Inspector Peters
Ronald Squire
as Alfred Travers
Belinda Lee
as Elizabeth Travers
William Hartnell
as Herbert Moresby
Frederick Leister
as Dr. Simpson
Percy Marmont
as Magistrate
Marjorie Rhodes
as Mrs. Park
Peter Bull
as Brasher
Barry Keegan
as Constable Burke
Norman MacOwan
as Grimes
Cameron Hall
as Corcoran
Victor Maddern
as Jones
Arthur Howard
as Vicar


Arthur Lubin
Mike J. Frankovich
Arthur Pierson
Lenore J. Coffee
Christopher G. Challis
Benjamin Frankel
Musical Direction/Supervision
Beatrice Dawson
Costume Designer
Elizabeth Haffenden
Costume Designer