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The Fog Details


John Carpenter's well-remembered thriller gets an update in this remake from director Rupert Wainwright. Nick Castle (Tom Welling) is a charter-boat captain in the small coastal town of Antonio Bay. Castle's ancestors helped to found Antonio Bay, but while the city's mayor (Kenneth Welsh) and the head of the local historical society (Sara Botsford) are spearheading an effort to raise money for a statue that would honor the city fathers, Castle is more interested in seeing the town's rickety docks and aging sea wall replaced. However, Castle has been too distracted with personal matters to wage a campaign of his own -- he's been having an affair with Stevie Wayne (Selma Blair), a single mom who runs a combination radio station and lighthouse, while his former flame Elizabeth Williams (Maggie Grace) has returned to town to mend fences with her mother and finds herself renewing her romance with Castle. One night, Castle and his first mate, Brett Spooner (DeRay Davis), discover an antique ship's bag filled with treasure, not knowing the salvage came from a ship that sank over a hundred years before. As it happens, there's a terrible secret behind the ship's disastrous fate, and now that Castle and Davis have unwittingly awakened the watery grave, the souls of the ship's crew and passengers have come back to claim their revenge in the form of a thick and impenetrable fog. The remake of DeRay Davis proved to be one of the last projects for producer Debra Hill, who also worked on the original film; Hill was fighting cancer when work began on the film, and she died shortly before filming commenced. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:October 14, 2005


Tom Welling
as Nick Castle
Maggie Grace
as Elizabeth Williams
Rade Serbedzija
as Father Blake
DeRay Davis
as Brett Spooner
Kenneth Welsh
as Tom Malone
Selma Blair
as Stevie Wayne
Adrian Hough
as Father Malone
Sara Botsford
as Kathy Williams
Cole Heppell
as Andy Wayne


Rupert Wainwright
Debra Hill
John Carpenter
David Foster
Cooper Layne
Nathan Hope
Budd Carr
Musical Direction/Supervision
Nora Felder
Musical Direction/Supervision
Graeme Revell
Composer (Music Score)
Dennis Virkler
Graeme Murray
Production Designer
Michael Diner
Production Designer
Catherine Schroer
Art Director
Shane Riches
Derek Dauchy
Supervising Producer
Randi Chernov
Associate Producer
Derek Dauchy
Executive Producer
Todd Garner
Executive Producer
Dan Kolsrud
Executive Producer
Monique Prudhomme
Costume Designer
Rose Marie McSherry
Set Decorator
Brad Sherman
Sound/Sound Designer
Amanda Mackey-Johnson
Cathy Sandrich Gelfond