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Flubber Details


Although "flub" is defined as "to make a mess of," the word "flubber" is a contraction from "flying rubber." In this remake of the 1961 comedy-fantasy The Absent Minded Professor, Robin Williams takes on the role created by Fred MacMurray and later executed by Harry Anderson on television, while the 1961 film's Flubber with anti-gravity properties has now been digitally reincarnated as a translucent green, pulsating, bouncing blob that loves to dance the mambo. Absent-minded college professor Philip Brainard (Williams), employed at a near-bankrupt university, creates the formula for Flubber, yet he can't remember to show up for his own wedding to university-President Sara Jean Reynolds (Marcia Gay Harden). His rival, Wilson Croft (Christopher McDonald), plots to steal Sara and the Flubber from Brainard. Rich, corrupt businessman Chester Hoenicker (Raymond Barry) tries to force Brainard to pass his failing son Bennett (Wil Wheaton), but he soon takes an interest in Flubber after hearing about it from his flunkies (Clancy Brown, Ted Levine). After using Flubber to fly over clouds in his 1963 T-Bird, Brainard realizes Flubber can also improve the performance of the school's pathetic basketball team. Jodi Benson is the voice of Weebo, Brainard's talking, flying household robot, with a video display of Disney clips at odd moments. Many gags are embellishments from the 1961 film, with John Hughes (John Hughes) rewriting the original Bill Walsh screenplay (based on Samuel Taylor's short story, "A Situation of Gravity"). Though Walsh died in 1975, he received posthumous credit for this script. Filming began October 8,1996 in San Francisco. ~ Bhob Stewart, Rovi

  • Release date:March 10, 1998


Robin Williams
as Professor Philip Brainard
Marcia Gay Harden
as Sara Jean Reynolds
Christopher McDonald
as Wilson Croft
Raymond J. Barry
as Chester Hoenicker
Clancy Brown
as Smith
Ted Levine
as Wesson
Wil Wheaton
as Bennett Hoenicker
Edie McClurg
as Martha George
Jodi Benson
as Weebo
Scott Martin Gershin
as Flubber
Leslie Stefanson
as Sylvia
Adryenn Ashley
Leslie Stefanson
as Sylvia


Les Mayfield
John Hughes
Ricardo Mestres
Bill Walsh
John Hughes
Dean Cundey
Danny Elfman
Composer (Music Score)
Harvey Rosenstock
Michael A. Stevenson
Andrew McAlpine
Production Designer
James Tocci
Art Director
Michael Polaire
David Nicksay
Executive Producer
Erin Kemp
Set Designer
Daniel May
Set Designer
April Ferry
Costume Designer
Agamemnon Andrianos
Sound/Sound Designer
Matthew Rowland
First Assistant Director
Nancy Foy
Peter Crosman
Special Effects Supervisor
Douglas Hans Smith
Special Effects Supervisor
Micky Moore
Second Unit Director
Tom Bertino
Special Effects Supervisor