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Fletch Lives Details


Though the original [[Feature~V17781~Fletch~fletch]] was drubbed by critics, it proved a major success for star [[Performer~P12488~Chevy Chase~chevychase]]. It was inevitable, then, that a sequel would make an appearance. Surprisingly, Fletch Lives didn't come out until 1989--a full five years after the original. Once more, [[Performer~P84759~Chase~tchase]] stars as Irwin Maurice "Fletch" Fletcher, the gonzo investigative reporter created by novelist [[Performer~P167102~Gregory McDonald~gregorymcdonald]]. Indulging his penchant for disguises and bizarre aliases, Fletch investigates a deep dark mystery at a crumbling Southern plantation. Various friends and enemies are portrayed con brio by [[Performer~P32790~Hal Holbrook~halholbrook]], [[Performer~P42706~Cleavon Little~cleavonlittle]], [[Performer~P56573~Juliane Phillips~juliannephillips]], [[Performer~P13816~Randall "Tex" Cobb~randalltexcobb]], [[Performer~P42318~Richard Libertini~richardlibertini]] and [[Performer~P5240~Richard Belzer~richardbelzer]] ([[Performer~P84759~Chase~tchase]]'s cohort from the old [[Feature~V20968~Groove Tube~thegroovetube]] days). ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:March 17, 1989


Chevy Chase
as I.M. Fletcher
Hal Holbrook
as Hamilton "Ham" Johnson
Julianne Phillips
as Becky Ann Culpepper
Cleavon Little
as Calculus
R. Lee Ermey
as Jimmy Lee Farnsworth
Patricia Kalember
as Amanda Ray Ross
Richard Libertini
as Frank Walker
Randall "Tex" Cobb
as Ben Dover
George Wyner
as Gillet
Geoffrey Lewis
as KKK Leader
Richard Belzer
as Phil
R. David Smith
as Gordon Joe
Don Brockett
as Sheriff
Patrick Farrelly
as O'Reilly
Dick McGarvin
as Announcer
Matthew Kimbrough
as Bly Guard
William Traylor
as Mr. Underhill
Richmond Harrison
as T'boo Ted
Ebbe Roe Smith
as Jim Bob
Clarence M. Landry
as Damon Feather
Bruce R. Elliott
as Info Technician
Grace Gaynor
as Mrs. Underhill
Robert Silver
as Kakakis Brother
Don Hood
as Tom Barbour
Constance Shulman
as Cindy Mae
Marcella Lowery
as Selma
Tom McCleister
as Klansman
Mary Battilana
as Bly Assistant
Walter Charles
as Tony
Robert M. Dawson
as Tour Guide
Noelle Beck
as Betty Dilworth
Dennis Burkley
as Joe Jack
Michael P. Moran
as Morgue Attendant
Charlie Holliday
as Security Guard
Jordan Lund
as Deputy Sheriff
Titos Vandis
as Uncle Kakakis
Phil Hartman
as Bly Manager
Catherine Hearne
as Lyda Perl
John Wylie
as Accountant
Roy Babich
as Klansman


Michael Ritchie
Bob Larson
Bruce Bodner
Walter Bernstein
Leon Capetanos
Harold Faltermeyer
Composer (Music Score)
Richard A. Harris
Stephen Hendrickson
Production Designer
Jimmie Bly
Art Director
Cameron Birnie
Art Director
Don Woodruff
Art Director
Steven W. Graham
Art Director
Alan Greisman
Peter Vincent Douglas
Gary Fettis
Set Designer
Susan Bode-Tyson
Set Designer
Michael Smuin