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Five Weeks in a Balloon Details


With Five Weeks in a Balloon, 20th Century-Fox hoped to cash on the success of the studio's earlier Jules Verne adaptation (1959). The plot is set in motion when 19th-century explorer Fergusson (Sir Cedric Hardwicke) volunteers to head a balloon expedition to claim an otherwise unreachable chunk of African territory for the British Empire. Along for the ride are reporter Donald O'Shay (Red Buttons), absent-minded professor Sir Henry Vining (Richard Haydn), Vining's assistant Jacques (Fabian) and schoolmarm Susan Gale (Barbara Eden). Along the way, the little party acquires another passenger when they rescue native girl Makia (Barbara Luna) from a slave trader. Their many near-death experiences include a run-in with evil potentate Sheik Ageiba (Henry Daniell). Other reliable characters on hand include Peter Lorre, Herbert Marshall, Reginald Owen, Mike Mazurki, and, in a dual role, sneezemaster Billy Gilbert. Since no one could be expected to take this sort of fare seriously, Five Weeks in a Balloon is played tongue-in-cheek, peppered with such overripe dialogue as "You, sir, are a cad!" and "Kismet! We are doomed!" ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Red Buttons
as Donald O'Shay
Barbara Eden
as Susan Gale
Cedric Hardwicke
as Fergusson
Peter Lorre
as Ahmed
Barbara Luna
as Makia
Billy Gilbert
as Sultan-Auctioneer
Herbert Marshall
as Prime Minister
Reginald Owen
as Consul
Henry Daniell
as Sheik Ageiba
Mike Mazurki
as Slave Captain
Alan Caillou
as Inspector
Raymond Bailey
as Randolph
Richard Haydn
as Sir Henry Vining


Irwin Allen
Irwin Allen
Irwin Allen
Charles Bennett
Albert Gail
Winton Hoch
Paul Sawtell
Composer (Music Score)
George Boemler
Jack Martin Smith
Art Director
Norman Rockett
Set Designer
Walter Scott
Set Designer
Paul Zastupnevich
Costume Designer
Ad Schaumer
First Assistant Director