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Firstborn Details


A teenager and his kid brother spar with their mother's shady new boyfriend in this dramatic thriller from veteran British director [[Performer~P79817~Michael Apted~michaelapted]]. When her ex-husband remarries, Wendy ([[Performer~P26007~Teri Garr~terigarr]]) feels despondent -- until she starts dating handsome, unctuous Sam ([[Performer~P75401~Peter Weller~peterweller]]), an underemployed salesman with no shortage of big ideas. Excited to finally feel good about herself again, Wendy invites Sam to move in and offers to invest in his get-rich-quick schemes. None of this sits well with her sons, Jake ([[Performer~P14157~Christopher Collet~christophercollet]]) and Brian ([[Performer~P29615~Corey Haim~coreyhaim]]), who remain unimpressed with Sam even after he convinces Wendy to buy Jake a motorbike. They're even less jazzed when Sam stops currying favor and turns disciplinarian even while pulling Wendy into his hard-partying lifestyle. Within a few months, Brian's on the verge of expulsion for picking fights at school, and even honor-role student Jake is mouthing off to his teachers. As for Wendy, she's too busy taking beatings and doing cocaine to notice that her family has fallen apart. It isn't until Jake gets wise to the industrial quantities of white powder squirreled away under the floorboards that he comes up with a plan to get Sam out of their lives forever. Although onetime Tiger Beat heartthrob [[Performer~P14157~Christopher Collet~christophercollet]] plays Firstborn's title role, the films' supporting cast is littered with actors whose stars would far eclipse his ([[Performer~P55134~Sarah Jessica Parker~sarahjessicaparker]], [[Performer~P19966~Robert Downey Jr.~robertdowneyjr]]) -- though in some cases only for a little while ([[Performer~P29615~Corey Haim~coreyhaim]]). ~ Brian J. Dillard, Rovi


Teri Garr
as Wendy
Peter Weller
as Sam
Christopher Collet
as Jake
Corey Haim
as Brian
Sarah Jessica Parker
as Lisa
Richard Brandon
as Dad
James Harper
as Mr. Rader
Brian Lima
as Robby
Christopher Gartin
as Adam
Ellen Barber
as Wendy's Girl Friend
Gayle Harbor
as Joanne
Larry Atlas
as Stranger
Frank Ferrara
as Driver of Car
Sarah Inglis
as Jill
Vebe Borge
as Friend
Josh Hamilton
as Brad
Robert Downey, Jr.
as Lee


Michael Apted
Sherry Lansing
Stanley Jaffe
Tony Thomas
Paul Junger Witt
Ron Koslow
Ralf Bode
Angelo Corrao
Arthur Schmidt
Paul Sylbert
Production Designer
Ron Koslow
Alice Shure
Associate Producer
Stanley Jaffe
Executive Producer
Sherry Lansing
Executive Producer
Alan Hicks
Set Designer
Colleen Atwood
Costume Designer
Peter Lonsdale
Assistant Editor