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The First Power Details


This lackluster attempt at blending equal parts action movie and supernatural thriller ends up sacrificing the merits of both genres. The plot finds baby-faced homicide detective Logan (Lou Diamond Phillips) on the trail of "Pentagram Killer" Patrick Channing (Jeff Kober), negligibly assisted by lots of occult mumbo-jumbo espoused by various doomsaying members of the Catholic Church. Channing is eventually captured and executed, but this turns out to be a big mistake: one of the Satanic powers Channing managed to acquire through ritual sacrifice is the power to transfer his soul into other living bodies, allowing him to roam about incognito and continue his killing spree. There is little overt horror on display, as we usually see only the aftermath of Channing's evil deeds; there is scarcely enough mystery to propel the police-procedural elements either. Worse, the producers apparently decided to toss in a romantic subplot involving Phillips and psychic Tracy Griffith to keep things interesting, but fail to sustain credibility even in this department. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi

  • Release date:April 6, 1990


Lou Diamond Phillips
as Det. Russell Logan
Tracy Griffith
as Tess Seaton
Jeff Kober
as Patrick Channing
Mykelti Williamson
as Detective Oliver Franklin
Elizabeth Arlen
as Sister Marguerite
Dennis Lipscomb
as Commander Perkins
Carmen Argenziano
as Lieutenant Grimes
Julianna McCarthy
as Grandma
Nada Despotovich
as Bag Lady
Susan Giosa
as Carmen
Clayton Landey
as Mazza
Hansford Rowe
as Father Brian
Philip Abbott
as Cardinal
David Gale
as Monsignor
J. Patrick McNamara
as Priest
Grand L. Bush
as Resevoir Worker
Melanie Shatner
as Shopgirl
Mitch Carter
as Uniform Cop #1
Scott Lawrence
as Gang Member
Oz Tortora
as Antonio
David J. Partington
as Detective
Lisa Specht
as Anchorwoman
Andrew Amador
as Reporter #1
David Katims
as Man In Parking Structure
Lynne Marta
as Nun
Michael Wise
as Cop at Tenement
Dan Tullis, Jr.
as Cop at Arrest
Brian Libby
as Bum
Brian Libby
as Detective
Robert Colaizzi
as Driver
Mindy Marin
Bill Moseley
as Bartender
Paula McClure
as Reporter #2
William Fair
as Detective #2
Tiiu Leek
as Reporter
Michael McNab
as Uniform
Jeff Mooring
as Uniform Cop
as Street Vendor
Todd Jeffries
as Cop
Mark Bringelson
as Driver in Alley


Robert Resnikoff
Melinda Jason
David Madden
Ted Field
Robert W. Cort
Robert Resnikoff
Theo Van de Sande
Stewart Copeland
Composer (Music Score)
Michael Bloecher
Joseph T. Garrity
Production Designer
Pat Tagliaferro
Art Director
Marilyn Vance
Associate Producer
Bill Rea
Set Designer
Wendy Guidery
Set Designer
Tim D'Arcy
Costume Designer
John Moio
Camille Calvet