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Fireflies in the Garden Details


An average American family suffers from a grave and unexpected loss that forces its members to confront past issues in this all-star ensemble drama from acclaimed director Dennis Lee (Jesus Henry Christ). Julia Roberts stars as Lisa Taylor, the wife of a college professor, Charlie (Willem Dafoe), living in the Midwest. As the tale opens, the aging couple are proud parents of two grown and reasonably successful children, Michael (Ryan Reynolds) and Ryne (Shannon Lucio). Then tragedy strikes: not long after Michael arrives in town (visiting from Manhattan), Lisa perishes in a fatal car accident, leaving the family bereft of its matriarch. As the devastated Taylors feebly attempt to cope with their loss, tensions resurface that have long boiled beneath the surface between Charlie and Michael; meanwhile, Michael's estranged wife, Kelly (Carrie-Anne Moss), turns up at the funeral to pay her respects to Lisa and gradually begins making amends with Michael. When Michael announces to the family that he's planning to publish a memoir about his childhood, Lisa's younger sister, Jane (Emily Watson), grows horrified that it will unearth devastating long-buried skeletons from the family's past; moreover, it seems that prior to her death, Lisa was guarding one major secret of her own that lingers just out of view and threatens to destroy everyone's sense of familial security when it finally comes to light. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi

  • Release date:October 14, 2011


Julia Roberts
as Lisa Taylor
Ryan Reynolds
as Michael Taylor
Willem Dafoe
as Charles Taylor
Emily Watson
as Jane Lawrence
Carrie-Anne Moss
as Kelly Hanson
Ioan Gruffudd
as Addison
Hayden Panettiere
as Young Jane Lawrence
Cayden Boyd
as Young Michael Taylor
Shannon Lucio
as Ryne Taylor
George Newbern
as Jimmy Lawrence
Chase Ellison
as Christopher Lawrence
Brooklyn Proulx
as Leslie Lawrence
Diane Perella
as Flight Attendant
Natalie Karp
as Social Worker
Philip Rose
as Papi
Babs George
as Nana
Frank Ertl
as Morgan Duncan
Grady McCardell
as Officer 1


Dennis Lee
Philip Rose
Vanessa Coifman
Marco Weber
Sukee Chew
Dennis Lee
Dede Allen
Robert Brakey
Robert Pearson
Production Designer
Timmy Hills
Art Director
Philip Rose
Jere Hausfater
Executive Producer
Milton Liu
Executive Producer
Carla Curry
Set Decorator
Stuart Provine
Sound/Sound Designer
Darin Moran
Camera Operator
Beth Sepko
Ferne Cassel
Daniel Salas-Porras
Production Coordinator
Marjorie Chodorov
Production Accountant
Philip Rose
Unit Production Manager
Dylan Goss
Aerial Photography
Rebecca Fulton
Script Supervisor
Jennifer Wall
Production Supervisor