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Fire and Ice Details


Ralph Bakshi's last stab at epic fantasy takes place shortly after the Ice Age. The evil queen Juliana (voice of Eileen O'Reill) plots to conquer the world and raises her son Nekron (Sean Hannon) as a master of sorcery and arcane mental powers. Together the two conquer the Ice Kingdom, and from their stronghold Nekron commands massive glaciers to destroy everything between them and their ultimate goal: Fire Keep, ruled by the wise and powerful King Jarol Leo Gordon. Nekron's latest advance destroys a Northern village, leaving Larn (Randy Norton) the sole survivor, bent on revenge; it also exhausts Nekron, who resorts to sending emissaries to coerce Jarol into surrendering. When words fail, they resort to kidnapping Jarol's daughter Teegra (Cynthia Leake), who escapes and accidentally hooks up with Larn. Aided by the mysterious masked warrior Darkwolf (Steve Sandor), they attempt to return to Fire Keep and mobilize their warriors to bring the fight to Nekron. ~ Emru Townsend, Rovi


Susan Tyrrell
as Juliana
Maggie Roswell
as Teegra
William Ostrander
as Taro
Stephen Mendel
as Nekron
Clare Nono
as Tutor
Alan Koss
as Envoy
Hans Howes
as Defender captain
Raymond Oliver
as subhuman
Nathan Purdee
as subhuman
Le Tari
as subhuman
Leo Gordon
as Jarol
Cynthia Leake
Big Yank
as Mongo
Mickey Morton
as Otwa
Greg Wayne Elam
as Pako
Elizabeth Lloyd Shaw
as Roleil
Randy Norton


Ralph Bakshi
Ralph Bakshi
Frank Frazetta
Roy Thomas
Francis Grumman
William Kraft
Composer (Music Score)
Angela Morley
Musical Arrangement
John W. Hyde
Executive Producer
Gregg Landaker
Sound/Sound Designer
Bill Varney
Sound/Sound Designer
Steve Maslow
Sound/Sound Designer