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Final Exam Details


Since this no-brainer is basically a hybrid of frat-boy comedy and slasher-thriller exploitation which features no slashing, no humor, and fails to exploit anything, it's hard to determine what the producers really had in mind. The plot (it's in there somewhere) has something to do with a campus killer who likes to practice his own variety of hazing during Hell Week, but mainly it involves a lot of brain-dead college losers (played by similarly challenged non-actors) who blabber their way through one pointless dialogue scene after another before the murderer finally decides to bump them off. He could have done away with them before the cameras began rolling and saved everyone a lot of grief. Whatever fit of prudence prevented director Jimmy Huston from showing any scenes of graphic bloodletting (often the only points of interest in other lame entries from this subgenre) also manages to rob the film of whatever cheap thrills it might have been able to provide. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi


Cecile Bagdadi
as Courtney
Deanna Robbins
as Lisa
Sam Kilman
as Sheriff
Don Hepner
as Dr. Reynolds
Jerry Rushing
as Coach


Jimmy Huston
Myron Meisel
Jimmy Huston
Darrell Cathcart
Carol Bahoric
Associate Producer
Todd Durham
Associate Producer
Michael Mahern
Executive Producer
Charles Reynolds
First Assistant Director