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First-time filmmaker Omar Naim wrote and directed the sci-fi drama The Final Cut. Set in the near future, the story concerns a device implanted in the body that is capable of recording a person's entire life. Once it is extracted from the body after death, the footage can be played back on a screen in the form of "rememories." Robin Williams plays Alan Hakman, an editor who cuts together the footage to make pleasant movies for funerals. Tormented by his job and his own memories, Alan also has a troubled romantic relationship with bookseller Delila (Mira Sorvino). While looking through footage for his next project, Alan discovers a man whom he believes is from his own past. Meanwhile, former editor Fletcher (James Caviezel) wants the footage for his own purposes. The Final Cut was shown at the Berlin Film Festival in 2004. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, Rovi

  • Release date:October 15, 2004


Robin Williams
as Alan Hakman
Mira Sorvino
as Delila
James Caviezel
as Fletcher
Mimi Kuzyk
as Thelma
Thom Bishops
as Hasan
Christopher Britton
as Jason Monroe
Vincent Gale
as Simon
Jason Diablo
as Bobby
Sarah Deakins
as Eliza Monroe
Bart Anderson
as Mr. Hakman
Emy Aneke
as Security Guard
Wanda Cannon
as Caroline Monroe
Stephen Dimopoulos
as Uncle Murray
Mike Jocelyn
as Business Man
Stefan Arngrim
as Oliver
Joely Collins
as Legz, The Tattoo Artist
Liam Ranger
as Youg Louis (9)
Elizabeth Urrea
as Patient Parent
Kolja Liquette
as Squabbling Husband
Darren Hird
as Voice Of Danny Monroe
Lisa Bunting
as Sobbing Woman
Kwesi Ameyaw
as Guest #2
Michael St. John Smith
as Charles Bannister
Richard Hendery
as Balding Man
Erin Wright
as Battered Woman
Jim Francis
as Professor
Kevin Mundy
as Toasting Guy
Miguelito Macario
as Rom
Barbara Krebesova
as Squabbling Wife
Genevieve Buechner
as Isabel Bannister
Ian Gschwind
as Man
Katina Robillard
as Pretty Woman
Brendan Fletcher
as Michael
Stephanie Romanov
as Jennifer Bannister
Carolyn Field
as Screeching Car Passenger
Andrew Bramley
as Doctor
Wendy Noel
as Guest #1
Blu Mankuma
as Zoe Tech Representative
Bryan Elliot
as Pregnant Woman's Husband
Anne Whitemole
as Friend #2
Rick Pearce
as Screeching Car Driver
Doreen Eby
as Delivery Nurse
Ellen Kennedy
as Woman
Johnna Wright
as Mrs. Hakman
David James
as Dad
Spencer Achtymichuk
as Jason Monroe (6)
Leanne Adachi
as Natalie
Casey Dubois
as Young Alan (9)
Don Ackerman
as Tattooed Man
Chaka White
as Pregnant Woman On Bus
Darren Shahlavi
as Karim
Suzy Stingl
as Swing Girl


Omar Naim
Nick Wechsler
Omar Naim
Tak Fujimoto
Brian Tyler
Composer (Music Score)
Robert Brakey
Dede Allen
James Chinlund
Production Designer
William Vince
Eberhard Kayser
Guymon Casady
Executive Producer
Nancy Paloian-Breznikar
Executive Producer
Michael Burns
Executive Producer
Marc Butan
Executive Producer
Marco Mehlitz
Executive Producer
Michael Ohoven
Executive Producer
Michael Paseornek
Executive Producer
Monique Prudhomme
Costume Designer
Patrick Ramsay
Sound/Sound Designer
Gary Paller
Special Effects
Georgianne Walken
Lynne Carrow
Sheila Jaffe
Susan Brouse