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Final Approach Details


Colonel Jason J. Halsey is a test pilot for the super-secret Stealth bomber. During one mission, he has a terrible crash and loses consciousness. This special-effects-laden drama follows what happens to him afterward. When Halsey finally awakens he is suffering from total amnesia and finds himself face to face with Dr. Dio Gottlieb, a psychotherapist, who uses a variety of techniques to jog his memory. Gottlieb's tests are grueling and Halsey begins to rebel and even becomes violent. Still the interrogation continues, and eventually, Halsey begins to remember bits and pieces. He knows that he was on some sort of highly- classified mission, but he can't remember exactly what. At one point, the Dr. gets him to remember the climactic crash and the memory is so stressful that Halsey suffers an epileptic fit. The questioning continues and eventually Halsey begins to distrust Gottlieb and even wonders if he has actually been captured by the enemy. Still he must keep on with the process, for without his memories, personal and professional, Halsey has no way of solving the mystery. The colonel's flashbacks are punctuated by excellent virtual reality technology. This film was the first "all digital sound motion picture." ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

  • Release date:March 13, 1992


James B. Sikking
as Colonel Jason J. Halsey
Hector Elizondo
as Dr. Dio Gottlieb
Madolyn Smith Osborne
as Mrs. Casey Halsey
Kevin McCarthy
as General Geller
Cameo Kneuer
as Brooke Halsey
Wayne Duvall
as Doug
Colin Vogel
as Country Doctor
Hank Garrett
as RSO
Duffy Rutledge
as Jason's Mother
Ellen Hilton
as Woman in Waiting Room
Karen Person
as Ms. Peters


Eric Steven Stahl
Eric Steven Stahl
Eric Steven Stahl
Gerald Laurence
Stefan Kut
Arnoldo Frabitz
Set Designer